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Procrastinate on This: In Bruges

So have I mentioned that I’m in Bruges today? Not sure if I did yet. But just because I’m traipsing along the super-quaint, cobblestoned streets of Bruges, pretending I’m the hitman that actually enjoyed his time there (at least for a little while) in the movie In Bruges, that doesn’t mean that you guys should actually work as you wait out the last dregs of the day. You should totally do this instead:

1. If you would like to do something about Prop 8 passing without having to do anything at all except nothing, figure out how to boycott at least one of the businesses and/or names on the list of big league Yes on 8 donors put out by Californians Against the Hate here.

2. Help our new president out by sharing your ideas with him here. And while you’re writing, try not to think of the poor intern(s) that will have to sort through all of the submissions.

3. Say an Evil Prayer that one of the larger pinball game manufacturing businesses actually does go out of business, so that you can buy one for your rec room at the “Everything Must Go” sale. You’re not a pinball wizard yet, but bygummit, you could be. You could be. Read the entire Retroblast blog item here.

4. Think about how very much more famous you’ll be when you’re dead.

5. Verbatim from a CH email: “Hi Baby, In a attempt to allow a new level of procrastination on the internet, MTV has put every video they have ever aired on the web. Have your childhood MTV flashback at”

And of course I’m embedding A-Ha’s “Take On Me” below, because who doesn’t love this video — and by “who” I mean people other than the devil.