Procrastinate on This! Last of 2010

Oh guys, I have had so much fun procrastinating with you this year, and I look forward to doing so again in 2011. Till then here’s one last chunk of procrastination to get you through the weekend. Oh, and do make sure to come back next Monday for our two week round-up of the Best and Worst of 2010. It’s going to be awesome.

Got nerds on your gift list? i09 is here to help w/ gift suggestions for every type of sci-fi nerd. I personally, would like nothing better than a Tron motorcycle helmet ... too bad I don't have a motorcycle. They should think hard about doing a bicycle helmet version. Meanwhile do click on the pic to see all the other awesome gift ideas.

1. I know a lot of us have “Better Mental Health” on our list of New Year’s resolutions. So do think about checking out this great advice post on how to find a good therapist even if you don’t have insurance or a ton of money. [Jezebel]

2. What if Joseph and Mary had Facebook? This short by Igniter Media was strangely compelling and weirdly moving. [YouTube]

3. You know how the last time I got pregnant, I was all like, pregnant women are beautiful, I’m going to rock this baby bump! Well, these Awkward Pregnancy Photos have reversed my thinking on that. Um, thanks(?) to Kelly from “Nerd in Transition” for sending this round. []

4. This holiday season, remember that toys have secret and complex lives, too. Thanks to friend of FaN, Killie Knobel for the h/t. []

5. And last but not least, 270 of the movies released in 2010 in one handy montage. [Defamer]

Happy Holiday Mood Photo Credit: Kodamakitty