Procrastinate on This! [Martin Luther King Edition]

1. So next Monday is my birthday. It’s also the day we celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday, which is technically January 15th, but celebrated as a federal holiday the third Monday of every January come rain or come shine. Maybe once every four years or so, our birthdays collide. I wrote a play back in grad school in which MLK was a recurring character, warts and all. It was my first and last race play, and I remember it fondly now — more for the MLK research it required me to do than for the play itself (which was great for first-year-grad-work but riddled with new, young writer potholes). I was fascinated by who he was leading up to the “I Have a Dream” speech, and who he became in its wake. Much like the Kennedys, MLK was a product of grooming. He wasn’t so much a civil rights pioneer as the child of a civil rights pioneer who juggernauted, kind of like William Randolph Hearst — Hearst’s millionaire father made a lot of money, but Hearst made way more. Like Hearst was put on the path to make big money, MLK was put on the path of becoming a civil rights leader — but those who groomed him could never have known how big he’d become. A lot was expected of him, but he went way above and beyond those expectations.

I also remember being fascinated by the fact that he went into the civil rights movement, thinking that it would only take a few years to nip this racism problem in the bud. It reminded me of my expectations when I first entered grad school — that I’d be turned into an amazing writer in one, two years top. But as I navigate my writing career, I realize that we, like actors and civil rights leaders. have seasons and big works, and whose to say how we’ll be remembered? ┬áThe “I Have a Dream” speech came five years before MLK’s death, and he went on to give many great speeches after that. But that was the one wasn’t it? It was for sure his life’s biggest, shiniest moment. It makes me feel that we’re both lucky and not lucky in regard to our life stories. We never truly know if our best work is behind us or still to come.

Of course I made this an extra long item, because 1) it kind of got away from me. In my head it was only one paragraph, and 2) I don’t actually have any other MLK items to put forth. So ….

... and since nothing says MLK day like fresh batch of unicorn poop cookies, here's a guide for making them via The Mary Sue. Just click on the pic for the recipe and whatnot.

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