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Procrastinate on This! Optimistic Smithies Heart Flo Rida and Jim Parsons

I am currently working like a fiend to get out of her in time to see the 4pm Watchmen at the Arclight. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would’ve hit last night’s midnight showing, but Betty don’t play that. I haven’t been found sitting in an upright position past 11pm for awhile now. Sad for me, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you should waste a perfectly good Friday afternoon with work. Do this instead.

laurel21. Unite with other geeks to get Jim Parsons a much deserved Emmy nod. Thanks for the heads up, Negative Natalie! []

2. I found this pic of mediabistro’s Laurel Toby (left) interesting for two reasons: 1) supposedly it’s set at our shared alma mater, Smith, and 2) apparently I didn’t get into nearly as much action as she did while I was there. Here’s me toasting my innocence-extending 4-year slumber party with a Friday Afternoon Tea. Yeah, this PoT is pretty much just for the Smithie FaN Readers. Sorry about that.  []

3. You know, people keep saying that optimistic people live longer. But my grandma is one of the meanest people I know, and she’s 89. I seriously don’t think she’s ever going to die. And my nice, sunshiney grandma — dead before her 80s. My great-grandma also wasn’t that nice, and she lived to be 101. So I’ve been trying to get meaner with age. But apparently, Science doesn’t agree with me. [Jezebel]

4. Ooh, I want a doodle-bra! [Adrants]

5. Though, I’ve been finding derivative songs about making it rain in strips clubs stale lately, I have to confess that I cannot stop listening to “Right Round” by Flo Rida, which is probably a good thing, since that’s all they seem to be playing on L.A. radio these days. Anyway, here’s the vid: