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Procrastinate on This! Security Check on Pet Uniforms

ZOMG! Are you actually still doing legitimate work? Don’t be crazy, dudes, procrastinate on this instead.

playmobil1. I don’t know what’s more fun, this Playmobil Security Check Point toy, or the customer reviews it’s generating on Amazon. [Amazon]

2. If Entertainment Weekly had added 5 more names to their 20 Black Sci-Fi Icons Gallery, it sadly been could have been called “The Every Single Black Person in Sci-Fi List.” No Worf, and the black guy from Angel also got shafted. Also, Dualla’s BSG character is written so poorly that I don’t feel she deserved inclusion, but still I’m glad that EW made the effort. [EW]

3. I absolutely loathe peanut butter and jelly, and now it looks like it’s not safe to eat b/c of a salmonella outbreak. Sorry PBJ lovers.  [Jezebel]

4. Obama got his Blackberry, but his staffers are having to toil on PCs. PCs, for the love of God. Time for a certain administration to join the cult of Mac. [Valleywag]

5. Would you let your pet wear a uniform? If so, you’ll probably appreciate this service which digitally puts your pet in a uniform. I’m so curious as to whether anyone is actually buying this service, especially in these hard economic times. [Pets in Uniform]