Procrastinate on This! Star Wars Edition

Yes, the Force is strong within this PoT!

This Darth Vader condom has been featured ALL over the internet, and I think it pretty much proves that we live in a wonderful world. That's all.

1. Ugh! I’m Team Garmin for life, but the fact that I could get C-3PO giving me directions if I bought a Tom-Tom seriously tests my fidelity. [i09]

2. The only thing better than (the original) Star Wars, are its fans. Slow-clap into a standing ovation for this one, guy! [Topless Robot]

3. I love the private lives of Storm Troopers. [Wild Ammo]

4. Okay, I like Star Wars as much as the next girl, but I can pretty much guarantee that the guy who buys this wampa rug for his apartment will see no action. [Think Geek]

5. I was sent this Star Wars baby stroller not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. And though we’ve decided to institute a “no presents” policy for Betty’s first birthday party, b/c I have less than no time to send out thank-yous), I might make the time to write a thank you if we received this stroller. [LikeCool]

6. Super-fast Star Wars told with Legos. Basically The Best Thing Ever. [Topless Robot]