Procrastinate on This! Stella Artois

If you know me IRL, you know growing up in St. Louis, with nothing to avail myself of but Budweiser, turned me into the worst beer snob when I got out and discovered all the wonderful-tasting beer that the world had to offer. I’ve literally have had the following conversation more than once:

Me: I’m desperate for a drink.

Innocent Host: We have Michelob Light. I can get you one.

Me: Did you just offer me a bottle of urine?

Innocent Host: Um…

Me: Because you could have just offered me a bottle of urine. It’s the exact same thing.

No-Longer-Innocent Host: Okay, Ernessa. We have some red wine. Would you like a glass?

Me: Yes, please!

Anyway, Stella Artois is one of the few Western commercial pale lagers that I like. So that combined with the ridiculous amount of gadgetry makes the below my dream apartment. One day… ~via LikeCool