Procrastinate on This! – The End of Summer Edition [BEST OF FaN]

My supposed break from Procrastinate on This (I think I lasted three whole months before I took it back over), some great advice for living your life well, a Chipolte ad which nearly turned me vegetarian, and yes, I’m still obsessed with the idea of Tayari Jones writing her next novel on a typewriter. 


So, sadly, this will be my last Procrastinate on This! I’m going back into writing mode and T.E. will be taking this spot back over as of next week. I know you’ll miss me. Please don’t cry.

The good news is that I’m off tour, which means that I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled blogumn next Tuesday (we’re taking Labor Day off) as opposed to frantically playing catch up. We have some super-great stuff coming up on FaN over the course of September, so make sure to keep your eyes right here, starting next Tuesday.

Meanwhile let’s say good bye to summer with a bunch of random stuff from the internets.


This Holstee Manifesto needs to be printed out and perhaps pinned on a wall somewhere you can see it for the rest of your life. via Field Lab

1. Wait, wait, wait — chocolate is good for you now??? I’m all over testing out this science. (nom! nom! nom!)  [BBC News]

2. Apparently living in a Red State means you’re way more likely to get divorced. Also, people who get married later or more likely to stay together. Also, the marriage numbers are at an all-time low. Basically you want to click on the link for a whole slew of information from the U.S. Census. [Huffington Post]

3. Tayari Jone, the author of SILVER SPARROW (my favorite novel of the year so far) is going to type her next novel on a pink, 50s-era Smith Corona. Wait, you can like actually write on typewriters??? I thought they were just meant to sit in prominent places about the house and look really cute. Seriously, though, I could never do this — it would turn into a re-enactment of THE SHINING if I ever tried to type an entire novel on something that requires white-out to make revisions. My orange typewriter is staying firmly in it’s decorative position on my bookshelf until the next time I need to take an author photo. [Tayari Jones]

4. I’m not a Disney Land fan, but if you are, you’ll probably enjoy this piece about how Disney either totally ruined or slightly improved ten of their rides. [The Mary Sue]

5. I think this ad is supposed to make us respect Chipolte, b/c for supporting sustainable farming practices, but it only made me kind of seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. What say you? In any case, love the Willie Nelson “The Scientist” cover.