Procrastinate on This! The Things Superman Abandoned

Well, I’m too busy with extremely last minute packing for my flight home to St. Louis for my first baby shower. But no reason why you guys should work when you could be procrastinating on this:


Abandoned statue of the Phillipines' Ferdinand Marcos

1. Apparently Dr. Who might be reimagined as a high-tech stage show. God, I wish England wasn’t so cold. Otherwise I might think about relocating. [Sun]

2. Warning, this Artificial Owl blogsite of abandoned things, including buildings, statues and other large man-made items is such a glorious time-waster that you might getting a little mad at us for introducing you. And we’ll have to answer, “Hey we warned ya!” [Artificial Owl]

3. Hahaha! Why iPhone will probably be left out of the product endorsement deals for the next Superman movie. [Wired]

4. According to newish medical findings, you should never blow your nose when you have a cold, b/c it reverses the flow of mucus into the sinuses and slows the drainage. Who knew! [NYT]

5. Okay, don’t click on this all-cat-video site if you have anything important left to do today. It’s like falling into a really furry, really cute black hole of time. Below, one of my favorite vids featured on the site, “Kittens on a Roomba” [Manic World – Cat Videos]