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Procrastinate on This! Wondergirls!

Thank the big L, that Betty’s cousin Josh from “Future So Bright” came to visit it, b/c he’s introducing the FaN fam to all sorts of clever things like this Korean supergroup, Wondergirls. I totally love them, though as an American, I find the whole video concept really hard to believe. You mean to tell me that in Korea if a star doesn’t come out to the stage on time, then they just don’t make the entire wait, sometimes for hours like they do in America? If that’s true, then I wish I had caught a concert (instead of Mission Impossible 2) when I was in Korea back in 2000.

Anywho, here’s the Korean version, which everyone (read: Josh and the YouTube commenters) says is much better than the English version. But just in case, I’ve also thrown up the English version after the jump: