Project Runway Season 10: Episode 11 – Birth Control For Designers! [Runway Rundown]

Blah blah Spoilers ahead, go watch the show if you haven’t already, now let’s get down to business… First off let me just say that this week’s show had more screaming and whining babies than any episode before, and that was just the contestants. The challenge at hand was to design a head to toe look for a toddler. The winning look for one boy and one girl will be mass produced and sold under Heidi’s line “Truly Scrumptious.” All fabrics and notions used came from Heidi’s pre-existing line. One surprise was left for them in the workroom as well… Each designer was assigned a lifelike baby doll that cries randomly and only stops when fed, rocked, or when it’s diapers are changed.

*Cue bitching, moaning, and jaws hitting the floor.

While Fabio took to his parental role with ease and patience, Elena renamed her baby “Asshole.” Like mother like daughter, Elena, like mother like daughter. I did enjoy seeing Christopher squirm and nearly lose his marbles when his baby kept screaming and pushing him to the edge. Remind me to never let him babysit, petsit, housesit or even plantsit for me as you know he would pretend to do the job at hand and be out the door at the first sign of the word responsibility. I wonder how Gremlin feels about this, do you think it will hurt their chances at a happy marriage?

Right when the designers started to get comfortable with the idea of completing these small garments without too much muss or fuss, there was a wrench thrown into the works: a twist! Each designer was asked to create a companion look for their assigned toddler’s mother for the runway.

While this second look would need to be complete and somewhat complimentary, they would only really be judged on the kids look they created. With 150 bucks in hand they headed off to MOOD and got an extra day in the workroom.

Per usual Melissa had doubts and seemed lost running around the store like a zombie, she needs to learn to think on her feet faster. Not only did she end up falling behind like she normally does in these challenges, Tim had to call time on her and ask her to put her garment on the mother in whatever shape it was at that point. Girl step it up, you either push yourself to move faster, or you simplify your shit because you will be sent home if you keep it up with your slow antics.

Guest judge this week: Hilary Duff. *yawn* What did I say last week? Yup, nobody too noteworthy. Who will they get for the finale as a guest judge? Alexis Bledel? (When you run out of ideas throw a Gilmore Girl at it.)

Since we are down to the final six let’s talk about everybody’s looks that were sent down the runway. First up, Fabio showed a strong onesie in black and grey with a slightly maritime feel to it. His little boy looked cute and dapper, and with the way he did the piping it made it seem like a two piece look but kept it simple for the mom to put on a squirmy baby. The accents with the “monster” fabric was adorable as well and the judges seemed to really like it. He ended up safe this week.

Dmitry sent out a little boy look that frankly reminded me of the KKK’s Grand Dragon outfit. A big one piece jumper with pointy hood in blood red may look like a crayon to some but it just creeped me out. He did add some cute detail to it by making the hood unzip and turn into a cape, but over-all it was just too costumey to be a hit. The judges liked the look, gag, so he was safe this week as well.

Sonjia sent out the winning boy look this week with an adorable 3 piece outfit [pictured]. Her toddler had a cute grey knit blazer with denim patches and pockets, and matching pants with a “monster” print tanktop. Her kid looked comfortable and cute, and the stylish quality of the garments dressed up the kid without making them look too adult or uncomfortable. I loved this look and so did the judges.

Chris decided, after being told basically by his overbearing assigned mother, that white was the way to go. After going with it, she not only hated his look for her daughter, but the look he made for her as well. I didn’t hate the cute little floral dress he made or the white denim jacket he put the little girl in either, but my issue comes down to practicality.

Is white denim, and white fabric with tacked on floral appliques really that smart to put on a child? I see grass stains, mud and poo on this thing in under 5 seconds in any real world situation. I’m not a parent but while cute stuff like this sounds like a fun thing to buy for your kid, it will be that thing you drag out once and it is toast. Mommy doesn’t want to be bleaching a denim jacket every 5 minutes… The judges ate it up, so he was our winner for the girl’s this week.

In our bottom two we ended up with Melissa and Elena. Melissa put her little girl in a white denim cocktail dress that showed her diaper with a dark denim vest jacket that was actually kind of cute with a little sparkly face applique.

Elena created a denim and cotton jumbled mess of blue, green and pink that Michael Kors referred to as a sample sale. In the end, Another huge sigh of relief this week as Elena got sent packing. I’m just glad I won’t have to hear her bitch and moan next week, but I think she has talent… just in a fairly narrow field of design vision. We wish her luck in her endeavors, let’s just pray none of them involve parenthood.

Next week is our final challenge as the designers will be required to make an Avante Garde look and in grand tradition they will most likely choose 4 final contestants to make a collection even though only 3 will get to compete in the finale. My best guess for the final 3 based on what we have seen the last few challenges is a finale with Sonjia, Fabio and Dmitry. I’m pulling for Sonjia personally speaking, so let’s tune in next week and see what happens. We are in the homestretch baby!

Also unveiled this week are the designers on the next All Stars season with that wretched Isaac Mizrahi airing October 25th. Who are you interested in seeing for a second round with this bunch? Wendy Pepper, Casanova, Ivy, Kayne, Anthony, Peach, Althea (who?), Joshua (barf), Laura, Uli (yay), Suede (double barf), Andrae (double yay), and Emilio (ugh).