Project Runway Season 10 Episode 5: Tim Gunn’s Designer Day Care Is Now Open! [Runway Rundown]

WARNING READERS!!! As always if you haven’t watched the show, go sit your ass down in front of that DVR and then come back to join in on the snark after…

Hello everyone and welcome to Tim Gunn’s Designer Day Care, do you have a little designer you’d like to drop off? This week our beloved designers forgot the niceties and started to tear at each other verbally like little kids on the playground. Buffi and Kooan left the show last week and since she and Mon Chi Chi were the only truly nice ones left, everyone is testing the limits of civility in the work room.

Yes readers, this episode shows us the first real team challenge for these designers. The field was divided into two groups and it was announced that neither team will have a leader. The two teams are Team 6 with: Sonjia, Melissa, Dmitry, Alicia and Raul, and Team 5: Nathan, Ven, Chris, Fabio and Gunnar.

Sidebar: Wait… Did Raul just profess his love for Chris? Is it a “I Love you bro” kind of love, or is it a “I want to suck face with you in the aisles of MOOD Fabrics” kind of love?

The Challenge: Make the same number of outfits as you have members of your team that reflect both an editorial sensibility, but are wearable for the everyday working woman. The final part of the challenge: run a photo shoot of your work. At stake is a spread in the new Marie Claire At Work magazine made up of three shots selected from the winning team’s photo session.

Okay, now that we’ve laid it out for you, commence bitching everyone…. I’ll wait… “Dear God why?!!” “I want to die!” “I hate this!” “I hate everything!” Okay, Elena seems about done now, how about everyone else? “All these people are stupid doodie heads!” Elena, really! Simmer down now!

Once the designers settled down to talk with their new group it was obvious from the beginning, these people are really starting to hate one another. Elena was being her usual pushy self, but I have to agree with her here, Raul, if you even try to put lace on your garment for a modern working woman I’ll personally hand you the gun to auf yourself. Team 6 keeps bringing up prints but let’s be honest here, you have Elena and Dmitry on your team… You will end up with basic block colors (if any) and a bunch of black.

Team 5 picks a few late 80s accessories from the set of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” Lord and Taylor accessory wall and use them as their inspiration for fabric shopping. Great call, Gremlin, nobody has thought of putting Teal, Fuschia, and Purple together. *gag #Jeweltonebarf. This is a great palette if you are dressing like the Howard Johnson’s lobby in circa 1991 Pittsburgh Pennsyltucky.

Sidebar #2: Oh Good, Chris had a memorial moment when he found the Mon Chi Chi’s fro pick. Yes Chris, I’m sure he is just eaten up inside about leaving his hair pick on the floor of Parsons. I’ll light a candle.

After Raul worked on an ugly black pleated ruffle bib, Elena started to lose it even further (is she related to John McEnroe?), and everyone kept up the complaining and whining, Tim waltzed in only to be greeted with sighs. Maybe it is nap time kids? Should we give them each a cookie and set up the cots Tim?

Right when Raul finally abandoned his idea of lace, Team 5 seems to have picked it up. Tim told them to stray away from the direction they were heading as it was starting to look a little “circus matron.” After their chat with Tim, Nathan got worried about “our point of view” as he called it. Nathan, this is not an “our” moment, as even though there is not supposed to be a team leader you certainly have been jockeying for that position.

Tim saves the day once again and they scrap a lot of the 80s jewel tones and go more toward a black and white palette with an infusion of a floral printed silk. While I think this was a better direction Sonjia brought up a good point here, that is the only fabric these boys use: Silk Chiffon. The boys on this team have been deemed the Chiffonies by Sonjia and she even wrote a little song to go with it.

Let’s check in with a few designers and see how they are feeling about this week’s challenge before the runway shall we?

Dmitry: Everyone hates Elena and Ven is a one way monkey!
Raul: I am NOT gonna collaborate with these bitches, I like ruffles and lace and every working woman I know wears that!
Melissa: Hey Raul, nobody wears silk chiffon to work every day you crazy bitch.
Gremlin: *busy huffing helium, not available for comment.

This week both teams did very well on the runway. What looked sort of weird at one point and very implausible for a work garment seemed to photograph famously. As both teams did so well, it was a tie in the scoring. In the end the judges picked Team 6 as the winner mainly due to their lesser of two evils color palette, and fresher more modern looking approach. Some sort of forgettable white girl (Melissa) won the challenge officially this week with a big blue dress with asymetrical zipper and huge foreskin, I mean… oversized collar. Personally I don’t see how this could be worn by any working professional, but I guess when you spend your days sitting at tables talking fashion at Marie Claire you get a little divorced from the people who ACTUALLY work out there. This girl is lucky if she can see her computer screen through her giant blue foreskin dress.

 My personal favorite pick: Both of Sonjia’s skirts… Girl can sew ya’ll!

Everyone else pretty much ended up in the middle zone this week with fairly decent garments. Gunnar scraped by with a weird souffle boob outfit, and Nathan frankly should have been scolded MUCH more than he was with his hideous white pants. The judges loved Chris’ skirt, but to me it looked like a big ol’ threadbare mess, he lucked out big time in my opinion.

 Heading home this week: Raul… Shocker I know. Finally we get to say goodbye to Widow’s Peak! Never before has anyone left the show with a shit storm of death glares before. He certainly made his point clear that Elena and he are NOT on good terms. Frankly I was kind of hoping for some slapping and scratching but the few choice words we got were at least fun. I have a theory and i’m guessing you all have picked up on it as well: Dmitry is right… Everyone does hate Elena.

NEXT WEEK: The “Real People Makeover Challenge” Tune in to see the fattest contestant bitch about being assigned a plus sized model and proceed to make her cry.