Project Runway Season 10: Finale Part 1 Bad Wigs and Black Fabric! [Runway Rundown]

The finale is but mere moments away, but first we have to slog through the 2nd to last episode where we get see what our final group is really doing with their collections. Surprised? Excited? Horrified? Are they a bunch of hacks or truly beaming stars of this reality franchise? Any thoughts? I have plenty….

For the love of God, if you haven’t watched it yet hit the back button and go hit your DVR queue cause I am about to spoil some shit! Okay?

With nine thousand dollars and just five weeks, the remaining four were sent on their way to get started creating their collections. Heidi warned them that none of them were safe and all would be competing for the final three spots showing at fashion week. The possibilities are endless, but usually we end up with one or two surprises here and the rest of the garments the designers make are terribly predictable. This is THE make it or break it moment for the contestants. The judges want to see something new, fresh, amazingly well-crafted, and expensive looking. Let’s see what they made.

Tim visits Christopher first in Massapequa, New York. Chris’s inspiration from his collection revolves around his mother’s x-ray from a recent accident. He has taken the x-ray and had a large literal print made in brown tones on cream fabric. His colors are black, brown and cream with a mix of leather and soft silky fabrics. Overall his collection seemed okay, if not a bit too safe. It looked very ready to wear, but almost borderline “Kohl’s goes dominatrix.” With his idea of flicking bleach all over the leather not working in his mind, Tim pushed him further to try it on all the leather. In the end it helped age his collection and add a little visual interest but in some ways it just looked like the garment was worn while eating way too much barbecue sauce.

After seeing his very brown and pretty boring collection, we got to meet Chris’s family and his (*gasp) boyfriend. Does Gunnar know about this? Were all those longing intense glances across the workroom just a flirtation for him? Was it all just a joke? Poor Gremlin will be crushed! Nothing we didn’t already know about him was revealed by his family, such as how he likes to pirouette when entering a room.

Next up Tim visited Fabio in New York City. His collection he has titled…. wait for it….. wait for it….. “Cosmic Tribalism.” He has created a collection of drapey, muslin looking, pastel CULT CLOTHES. There are schlubby messes over ugly pants with clunky brown suede boots. All in all I am confused. With the weird plastic triangle necklaces, gauzy white fabrics and pastels, I am seeing this thing as a Xanadon’t! What are you thinking Fabio? Have you been huffing glue? Tim said people are going to either love it or hate it and truthfully I hate it. This may be some weird level of brilliance that when well styled will look amazing on the runway, but I keep waiting for him to say: “Haha just kidding… my real collection is over here. Those are just my clothes for when I go to yoga class.” This is NOT worth nine thousand dollars! It isn’t even nine hundred dollars worth of effort.

After what I will now deem the “Fabio incident,” Tim was off to visit Dmitry in Jersey City, New Jersey. His inspiration for his collection is Organic Architecture. He showed us more structured garments with angular cut outs made in black, white and a strange frosty yellow. There is wool, leather, and a bunch of the same side of Dmitry we have already seen. If you love his work you probably adore his collection, but overall, it just seems a little over-worked and over-wrought to me. Does he never let loose and celebrate the female body instead of shielding it in armor? I like his work, don’t get me wrong, but it just seems so sad and too structured. Where is the joy? (PS: While some may think those fringe sleeves are great, I think they are just tacky as all hell. Can you say “Biker Chicken?”)

Last but not least, Tim headed to San Francisco to see Melissa and check in on her collection. While I didn’t hear her overall inspiration for collection, I am already a little scared cause all I see is black black black. Girl, haven’t we talked about this? One red garment and a red bracelet do not cut the fact that you ran to your safe place here and are essentially falling back on your “Goth” laurels. Luckily, what I see looks very well made, and very young and modern looking (Nina will like that) but i’m worried that Melissa didn’t push herself far enough here. Some of the pieces are great, but is this enough? I’m not sure that it is even though she seems super confident.

When all the contestants head back to New York for the finale, it is all smiles and giggles until those garments start coming out of the bags. Vulture eyes abound as the designers paw over each other’s collections to size up the competition. No more niceties, kids, it is time to get down to the war at hand. If you want to win, it is best to stay focussed at this stage and don’t start doubting yourself now… It is too late to make major changes, you need to believe in your work and defend it to the death because the challenge has really just begun.

Melissa seems to be the only one freaking out after she sees what the boys brought to the table. Christopher should be more concerned than he is, but he seems to think just throwing some stuff on the models when they get there is the right approach. (Okay, kid, good luck with that…) When I see the gown he pulls out and start really studying at his collection, it sort of looks like he watched Christian Siriano’s winning collection from season 4 of Project Runway and tried to recreate the style with crayons, less style and less fabric.

Fabio is too busy preparing his Branch Davidian Pret A Porter to notice that he should be concerned. Dmitry doesn’t care as usual. He has always thought he was the best designer in the world even before he came on the show. Tim? He is worried about everyone! This could go any way… nobody is safe.

During styling, everyone seemed to be going for ugly wigs and too much smokey eye. Melissa decided to save her gown for when she shows at fashion week, instead of showing it to the judges now when they whittle it down to the final three. Girl, don’t you know NOW is when you pull out all the stops?! Don’t hold back kids, that shit gets you auf’d.

After the runway presentation, the judges saw that Christopher’s stuff is indeed a little boring and he needs to mix it up, Dmitry has styling issues and he needs to try re-pairing his separates to make them look more “young,” Fabio’s will be a joke or amazing (if he can pull that off,) and Melissa needs to cut those ugly cuffs off and show them more drama. My guess was as good as yours, but the judges thought it best to let all four show their collections at fashion week. I’m interested to see all four collections honestly so I can see why with what they were shown they couldn’t get an accurate read on who to send packing.

Next week, the finale! Guest judge Jennifer Hudson actually seems like a good choice. Not only is she someone people will recognize, she is stylish, beautiful, and you know that girl will have an opinion! See you all next week designers, hopefully Fabio’s models don’t all commit mass suicide before they get to the tents!