Project Runway Season 11: Episode 12 – Come On… Get This Over With! [Runway Rundown]

Previously on Dawson’s Creek, I mean Project Runway… We were anxiously (read:bored) waiting to see what would become of poor Michelle and her “do or die” moment. Cliffhangers are such a thrill, I can hardly contain my excitement, and by that I mean: even in the poor choppy editing you can tell she isn’t going anywhere. Though they came close to auf’ing Portland’s daughter, they probably realized sending home one of the only two talented people left was a bad idea both for ratings and the show. The girl gets a second chance.

Blah blah Spoilers ahead Blah, are any of you even watching anymore or are you just coming here to read my slanderous take on this dreck this season?

Insider sources say they had decided to send her home but Tim threw a fit and they rethought their decision. Please tell me he was rolling on the floor in full baby tantrum mode! This scenario makes sense with the whole awkward ending last week and the “Limbo” the designers were under for a while until Tim was sent to clear things up.

Picking up where we left off, Layana had the quote of the season, saying out loud that we are all already thinking: “come on… get this over with.” I couldn’t agree more girl. Tim comes in to tell everyone that in fact Michelle is NOT going home and she will be participating in the next challenge. On the runway they find out they are ALL getting amazing one day trips to different European cities… oh yeah except you Michelle. You get to stay here and poke around NYC and seethe with jealousy. Also, each designer gets to travel, except for you Michelle, with their new sewing assistant for the challenge. Layana nabbed Samantha and a trip to Barcelona, Patricia was assigned Kate and was sent to Paris, Daniel got Amanda and they headed to Berlin, Stanley got Richard and suffered through hanging out with him in London, and Michelle was paired up with Tu and got an ugly bus tour of the Bronx. Make it work people! The designers were tasked with creating one stunning high end look on a budget of $1,000. They also had to purchase all fabrics needed in the city they were in, then return to Parsons to sew and create the garment.

Everyone flit off to their fancy destinations and then Michelle starts to tear into herself with self-doubt. At first it appeared she was heading to some seriously dark territory, but luckily she started to clue into what she loved about NYC, the filth and armored exterior. The glint in her eye showed me the bitch was ready to throw down the gauntlet. Luckily, Michelle knows how to channel her anger into work. When everyone returned they were bubbling over with happy stories and Michelle was in the corner of the room, in black severe eye make-up, stewing in her jealousy and anger. When approached, she said my favorite line yet: “No hugs.”

Let’s skip through the details of Tim’s visit quickly with some choice Tim Gunn quotes.

PRgunn1. Daniel – “You Got a lot of work to do.”

2. Stanley – “I like where you are going with this.”

3. Patricia – “I don’t get it. You don’t even get it.”

4. Michelle – “Soot it up.”

5. Layana – “Do you have time for all this?”

On the runway this week, we had guest judge John Legend. Um, ok… Not quite sure why, but I guess it works.  This week the designers all turned out pretty good garments for a change. Everyone seemed to up the ante.

Having just said that though, Layana sent her design down the runway and while I liked the black lace on white coat, the ruffled foreskin sleeves she had on the pink blouse really blew it. Over-all I agreed with Nina, this thing was pretty dreadful. Barcelona may have a lot of foreskin Layana, but perhaps that isn’t what you want to play up in your design…. Her model looked weird. She looked weird AND old.

MichelleWk11Michelle created a cool look this week that reflected the armor of NYC really well. She created a grey cashmere full short dress with a brown and black quilted leather breastplate harness. While some hated the ombre’d scuffing she did to the base of the skirt (that was meant to reflect the soot of old fireplaces and coal burning in the city) I kinda liked it. New York is a dingy place, but high in fashion and guarded people. I think the over-all effect was perfect. (And I’m really glad you didn’t use the “diarrhea” brown side of the leather!)

Stanley made a very “monastic” (thanks Tim gun for using one of my favorite words) look this week. He created a long black dress with a back zippered slit and black leather sequined inner facing with a small black cape-let. Over-all this look was kinda weird to me especially with it’s odd black veil. The judges ate it up. In the end it looked like something Sophia Lauren would wear to one of her many lovers’ funerals.

PatriciaWk11Patricia almost had me this week. She made another funky textile of layered organza over multi colored fabrics, and created a poof sleeve top with leather collar and black pants with a leather stripe. If you had been assigned to go to Tokyo and make something for a Harajuku girl, you woulda nailed it, but this was NOT Paris. Your Stay Puft Marshmallow top was fun but weird girl. With some finesse and a different bottom to it, this could have possibly been a win.

Last but not least, Daniel made an asymmetrical black slash dress with a white pleather jacket with top stitching detail. For once Daniel, you have made a look that is anything but old! This look was young, hip and screamed Berlin from across the room. Good job mister!

Here are some things I noticed in the deliberations about who would be going to fashion week:

1. Zac Posen was wearing a Rhinestone broach that looked like it spelled “SEMEN.”

2. Nina threw down a quote that I do not agree with but love the vitriolic sentiment behind: “Fashion is NOT art, stores are NOT museums!”

3. “Sponsored by Lexus: There’s no going back!” Yup I bet that is how the producers feel about this season. I’m guessing the people at Lexus agree.

In the end, we had some good solid looks on the runway this week, but thankfully Layana was sent packing for her calamari sleeved mess. Good luck mean girl, don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

Our Final four are Patricia, Stanley, Michelle and Daniel. Since the first few episodes people have pinpointed Stanley for the win, but I’m hoping for a Michelle or even a Patricia upset. I know they both surprise us every now and then with some fresh takes and silhouettes we haven’t seen before, but I would die if those girls came back with jumpsuits and beaded Pocahontas garb! Who are you guys betting on? Dear God I can’t wait for the finale just to see Michael Kors again!

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