Project Runway Season 11: Episode 13, Season Finale Part 1… Dragging It Out Are We? [Runway Rundown]

Well kids, Lifetime opted to drag this shit out for even one more torturous week. They couldn’t just wrap it up with one nice big long finale, they had to squeak out one more damn episode and water down what has ultimately been the 2nd to worst season yet. (The worst being when they opted to shoot here in LA.) While I welcome their trying new things and trying to spice up the format, they fell flat once again with a big stupid choice by making this the “Teams Edition” and choosing some of the least talented and bland people that applied. Luckily, at least 3 of the final four are pretty talented in one way or another so somehow the cream rose to the top.

Spoilers ahead… you are warned.

For PART 1 of this finale: The designers were given $10,000 to create 12 looks for a Fall collection and sent home to work. Michelle thought Stanley would end up with a “Bob Mackie Moment,” Stanley was excited to see Michelle’s stuff as she is so opposite of his aesthetic, Patricia was nervously optimistic as always, and Daniel was over in the corner acting like the muppet he is and hamming it up for the camera.

As always, Tim visited our designers and this part of the season I always really enjoy. I love getting to see the designers’ family members, their work spaces, and best of all the awkwardness of watching Tim Gunn try to eat in public. He is always so gracious, so kind and genuinely interested, but in every locale other than the streets of New York he just looks sooooo out of place. It’s like placing a rich white lady from Downton Abbey in the modern favelas of Rio: Fun to watch but makes me a little uneasy.

PRFinale1MainFirst visit on the line was Patricia in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. I loved getting a glimpse into her history and surroundings as it really opened me up to where her creativity comes from, in colors and texture. What an incredible area she lives in, and what a wonderful family and rich cultural heritage she has been living with her whole life! Her design inspiration for her collection was based on the idea of Western Civilization’s outsiders, and their fascination with native american design but not wanting to intrude. I liked the textures and materials she was playing with. Horse hair already figures in prominently, but it remains to be seen how polished her work will end up looking.

Next, Tim was off to Portland to see Michelle. Her husband (*ahem* she is NOT a lesbian you guys…) seemed very sweet, but did anyone else notice how much he looked like her brother? The two of them could totally be skinhead twins for Halloween! I loved loved loved Michelle’s inspiration, how wolves are not just fierce, but loyal and family oriented. She was most interested in the idea of the lone, female wolf on the hunt, and I have to say I bought it hook line and sinker. She may have had a lot of work to do yet but what she showed Tim looked very promising.

Tim travelled to Austin next to see Daniel, and the first thing I thought of when he answered the door with his big crazy hair was: “Bitch, did you steal Madame’s merkin and put it on your head? Wayland Flowers is rolling in his grave!” He then introduced us to his sister, potentially drunk on wine, and his two mute gay friends. His inspiration was murky at best with some sort of convoluted explanation of Berlin, Astronomy, the Cosmos, and surrealism. In the end his stuff was black, white and red, and looked like a sale bin at the Lane Bryant funeral section.

Stanley was on the docket next to show Tim his studio in Los Angeles. His very expensive studio looked like some place his hubby most likely rents for him. (Daddy pays the bills.) His inspiration was based in the 60′s with touches of Renaissance Spain. Basically it looked like a big snobby yawn… with a pop of orange.

My best bet at this point: Michelle for the win.

HugsBack in the workroom after they returned to New York and made their niceties (Michelle apparently will allow hugs now…) they unveiled their work to each other. This reminds me of the day that everyone turns in their work in design class and shows up with their drawings, schematics, models etc. and everyone is eyeing each other’s work to size up the competition. You can feel it in the air, this process is equal parts appreciation for one another’s abilities, and hoping a big old bottle of bleach magically spills on their work. Of everyone in the room, it appears Stanley was the furthest behind with many pieces not even assembled yet.

Tim checked in with the designers after they selected their three looks from their over-all collection to show the judges. His thoughts for Michelle were to “Load them up” and show them all the intricacies she has designed and then take off pieces if the judges see issues with how busy her strapping work is. He is afraid Stanley’s work is looking a little old and too covered up, Stanley disagrees. (Never a good sign to disagree with Tim) Patricia has some crazy shit she wants to show, but Tim advised her to go for the kill and show her crazy horse hair head piece, but avoid the leather lumberjack. Daniel, oh who cares about Daniel anyways?

On the Runway, we stuck to the core judges from this season all while praying for Michael Kors to return and bring some fun back to the judges panel! Here’s how the designers did:

Stanley: Snooze Fest/ A boring episode of Mad Men

StanleyImage1. Black Silk Pant with Black lace over silk taffeta bolero.
-Nice, expensive looking, but very mature looking and not very sexy.

2. Full gold dress with black metal flower beads encrusted at the neckline.
-Ill fitting, tacky looking, almost resembles ugly 60′s curtains from a tasteless bedroom set.

3. 2 piece outfit with top and skirt made of a fabric with bot dot rhinestones sewn on and a black leather jacket.
-Nice fabric, if a little conservative. HATE the jacket as it looks cheap and ill fitting. Resembles a cheap pleather stool cover.

Patricia: Cooky, surprising, over-styled

PatriciaGrouping1. Hand printed grey silk “eagle feather” modernist dress w/ silk scarf.
-WAAAAY too many accessories, but I like the dress and love the scarf. Ditch that fugly necklace.

2. Black wool cape with horse hair details across the front and back, with a black leather pant.
-Love this look. When I saw the sketch I was skeptical but I adore the end result.

3. Light blue layered tab dress with silver paillettes and a crazy horse hair head dress died blue to match.
-It works on a weird level even if it is a bit bizarre. The judges assessment of Tina Turner Smurf was pretty accurate in a way so I’ll leave it at that.

Daniel: Boring, boring-er, boring-est…

DanielGrouping1. Black leather frontes capri pant, with black stingray cut out jacket and wide brim hat.
-It’s like an Olivia Newton John “Bad Girl” version of My Fair Lady.

2. Black pant with stingray down the side and wide black knit sweater.
-Girl, I can see your bra through that knit…

3. Black crepe bias cut gown.
-Seen it…

and Finally Michelle: In it to win it!

MichelleGrouping1. “wolf” print sweater with silky brown blouse underneath, grey jeans, and black leather clip on chaplets.
-Love this look, I actually want that sweater.

2. Olive crushed silk dress with neoprene skirt and tan/ brown breastplate.
-I like the look but I think the skirt looks a bit unresolved. Ditch the compass.

3. Black leather and neoprene coat with detachable bags and straps, as well as a quilted grey leather motorcycle pant.
- I want this coat right now. I love it, it looks expensive, and it could sell like hotcakes! Only issue: Those front snaps seem weird and unresolved.

In the end, we said goodbye to Daniel. Quelle surprise?! Bye mister, you were sweet, had a few moments of brilliance, but over-all this was not your day. You didn’t work hard at all in defining your point of view or inspiration and what we ended up with was a bunch of boring black shit we have seen before.

Our Top three: Michelle, Stanley and Patricia. Here we go kids, just one more episode and we can finish this god forsaken season and finally get our orange, little monkey, Michael Kors back! What were your thoughts on what we’ve seen of their collections thus far?

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