Project Runway: Season 9 – Episode 10 – Here A Maxi, There A Maxi, Everywhere A Maxi Maxi! [Runway Rundown]

Ok everybody, we are down to the final 7 designers! It seems like just last week little Olivier was auf’d and sent home, oh wait it was just last week. This is usually when the cream has risen to the top and the designs are impressive across the board right? Well at least this week we can take a deep breath and move on from the hideousness of the 70′s that was last week’s challenge… Or can we?

As usual if you have not watched the show yet, the following contains spoilers for those who care, so go read last week’s column, catch up on watching the show and come right back here for my spin on things!

Now this week’s challenge is sponsored by Piperlime, of the Piperlime accessory wall on the show. (I honestly have never heard of anyone shopping this site in the many years they have sponsored that wall, if anyone out there has bought something through them, was it a good experience? Just curious.) The winner this week gets their look featured on Piperlime’s website and sold to the public. This is when the challenges start to really pay off! The designers were given one hundred dollars to shop and were told to design a “sophisticated 70′s inspired look.” This does not mean a literal interpretation, or anything that might look vintage (like last week’s outfits turned) but instead must use the silhouettes as a starting point and update it for the modern woman. At this point in the show I was ready to shield my eyes from over-sized sunglasses and hideous pants suits, away we go!

As the designers were at Mood pulling fabric a gasp inducing thing happened to dear Anya… The bitch lost her envelope of money. She had no pockets on her dress so she used her titties to hold her moolah. Here’s a lesson to all the ladies out there: unless you have ample breasts, do not rely on your cleavage as a wallet OK? Sadly for Anya the result was she must use whatever is left over by the other designers money-wise and she could use muslin for her outfit back at Parsons. An image of an Anya created off-white muslin number immediately popped in my head and I thought “This bitch can do it!” She sucked it up, used the $11.50 that Anthony gave her and fought back the tears as she tried to Make It Work!

I have to hand it to Anya, her ingenuity and calm under the pressure of this terrifying situation was inspiring. The other designers (all but Viktor) helped her out here and there with scraps of fabric and notions which was a kind gesture, especially since she was handing out fabric left and right last week to help people. She and Tim Gunn referred to her as a “Mini-Mood.” This may not have ever happened before on PR but it was exciting to see a designer not flip out and take the challenge head on, even if it seemed impossible. (Again, screw you Viktor, I know this is a competition but Karma is a bitch.)

As the designers worked my main thoughts were the following: Laura, we get that you wear vintage and think this challenge is in the bag, you say this every week! Bert, we get that you lived through the 70′s and that you feel superior due to your age and experience… Studio 54 must have been very exciting but we need to concentrate on work here not listen to half truths about the hand jobs you gave to get ahead. Oh, and please don’t give us another little Halston knock off, thanks.

As much crap as I have given Laura this season, I must say she is growing on me. Do I think she is an amazing designer, no… but I do like some of her things way more than I thought I would. She has a good eye, but needs to work on her taste level a bit. Tim stepped in during his time with her and warned that she needs to worry about Nina not liking her work. He said, “She gets bristly about your taste level.” I couldn’t agree more Nina. She needs to find a way to hone in on something and whittle away the cliches, too much of her work has seemed like a fashion design student’s project. If she can claim a voice and a style all her own she may really have it made. Something tells me though, she won’t be going to Bryant Park anytime soon.

Things were quiet and focused in the workroom and of course it can’t be this quiet for too long, so Tim unleashed the twist of the challenge: They have a second look that must be a singular piece garment and they have 50 bucks to complete the design. Thank god for Anya cause any extra cash will help her! Most people seemed to be going for the jumper or maxi dress look for this second piece, will it all look to similar? I see Joshua eyeing everything everyone is doing like a hawk… he is ready to steal some ideas ladies so keep your garments and sketches covered up!

On to the runway, this week Kimberly was the lucky dog and was safe for her grey jumper, which had fit issues on the boobs. She also showed us an adorable circle top and Pencil skirt combo in black and aqua. I really liked her looks this week and actually think she was kind of cheated out of a top 3 placement. This girl is one to watch, be careful… she seems to squeak by in the background a lot and could end up at Bryant Park just by staying in the safe zone for so long. Wake up Kimberly! Pull more stuff out of your hat like today’s challenge, it is so much more YOU than some of your previous 80′s hoochie dress numbers.

Side note: Was Heidi a little sunburned this week or should we just shoot her make-up artist?

Now for the looks we liked this week: Viktor was in the top 3 for a really nice grey suit coat with snakeskin t-shirt and well tailored pants. He also created an amazing asymmetrical dress in black and white ombre snakeskin for his second look. I really loved the dress, it did not look like only fifty bucks and all together his pieces were incredibly well tailored and came across as very expensive garments. While I think he is a bit of an ass and seems like the kid that never learned to share, I can’t help but gush over his work. The kid has talent. Barring an unfortunate sewing accident I can safely say this boy is Bryant Park bound.

Bert was next in line for the top 3 and turned in one look that I can only describe as Stripper Xanadu Separates. I didn’t care for the metallic top but the judges gushed over it. It looked way too costumey to me and did not spell sophistication when she turned around and half her ass was hanging out of the tiny black shorts. His second look however was a simple short Grecian number that any woman would love to wear. He did nail that look and was later informed by Piperlime they would also produce his piece even though he was not this week’s winner. He better keep impressing the judges, his chances for wowing them are dwindling and Bryant Park is a stones throw away.

This week’s winner? Anya! She not only pulled through and spent a measly $61.50, but her looks were gorgeous and showed me just how great her eye is for interesting fabrics. She nailed it with her Voluminous jump suit, and her cute top and paper bag pants outfit. While the color of the top wasn’t amazing (she had to make it out of muslin and dye it) her detail and cut of it was incredible. Way to go Anya!

Now at last, the looks we didn’t like this week: Laura turned out a boring jumper and a skirt/ top combo that had two very mismatched fabrics. Not only was the fit off but the fabric choices were horrendous. Nina honed in on it as expected, and Michael Kors remarked that her garments: “just don’t look like fashion.” She was spared the cut this week but needs to step it up to stay in the game.

I thought that this would be the week when we finally get rid of pouty, pissy Joshua M. but sadly he was safe with his ridiculously over the top set of white plaid pants and garish fabric choices. At least this week he got called out on his overdone aesthetic and the judges could see his defensiveness. When discussing how he thinks women would love to wear his clothes Heidi informed him that: “you can’t live in your won bubble.” The kid needs to learn a thing or two about “less is more” and take a class in humility. He bitched in the green room about how he doesn’t know anything about the 70′s since he didn’t live through that decade. All I have to say to that is, have you been under a rock?! What gay man doesn’t know a thing or two about the 70′s? Even 12 year olds today know about the 70′s, where do you think many current fashion trends are pulling inspiration from? You deal with the challenge as assigned Josh, that is how this show works. You had never made an outfit out of materials from a pet store but they asked you to do that too, and I didn’t hear you bitching when you were in the top for that week’s challenge. You should have gone home this week for that plaid on that girl’s rear end alone!

Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to Anthony, who’s cute but frumpy and “boring” outfits just didn’t fit the bill for the judges. (He got the dreaded “boring” comment from MK) Michael Kors referred to his work this week as “2 boring girls or Hippie Sister Wives.” Ouch. For the first time this season I actually got a little choked up (as did Tim on the show) when it was time to say goodbye to Anthony. He is a strong designer who has a point of view but needs a bit more experience and a finer attention to the big picture at hand. Tim Gunn warned the contestants that each week it will just be getting harder here on out. (God knows if Josh M goes a few people won’t be crying.)

In our preview of next week’s show it appears the designers will be basing their looks on birds. Yup you heard me, birds… angry, angry birds…. The designers will also be going head to head so whoever loses between the duos will face getting auf’d. This will be a first! Tune in and then chime in here next week, and feel free to let me know what you thought this week in the comments section below!