Project Runway: Season 9 Finale! Hit? Run? Hit and Run? [Runway Rundown]

Well kids it has been an eventful, tear filled season. I’ve been watching Project Runway with all of you and tonight it was brought to an inevitable end. This episode is always the one that divides viewers and starts debate in many gay circles over who’s prints were best, who doesn’t know how to sew, and who dressed better than their collection looked! Without further ado, pull out your scorecards everyone and let’s tally up the score leading to this year’s winner.

If you haven’t been reading along this season, back up… read all the articles I wrote previously and come back later, this article is the spoiler of spoilers!

I hate to give it away at the start but the winner is: Becky… okay, i’m kidding, but I know she won a little bit tonight in retrospect. After last week’s slim pickings and every designer having to go back and edit a bit other than Viktor, it looked like we had an obvious winner. This week the four remaining designers were given five hundred more dollars and a trip to Mood to fill out and address any lingering issues the judges brought up about their collections. While some designers (Anya) chose to grab lots of fabric to work into full new pieces, others chose to pick a simple fabric to add to the mix (Joshua) that they felt completed their collection. (*gag* Lime Green.)

With most of his collection complete, Viktor scrapped his flowy gown and decided to invest some time into several black sheer pieces including a new see-through gown. (Why would you scrap that gorgeous gown Viktor?! Stupid stupid stupid…)

Meanwhile Anya got to work whipping out close to 5 new looks in a day, and Kimberly eventually scrapped her plans of trying to remake the ugly pink bubble skirt in black and left it as is.

Sidenote: an ad for Macy’s where I can win a shopping trip with Jessica Simpson? Why on Earth would I need that?! I have enough pairs of fat jeans to last me a lifetime!

Joshua quickly got to work on a sherbet striped tank, and some hideous neon green shorts but was sidetracked when he broke down crying and Anya had to comfort him (oy vey). Anya, you are way too nice to that backstabber but bless your heart.

Viktor seems fairly smug in his position after the last critique and thinks that he is tailoring the collection exactly the way the judges want him to for a big win… His thoughts? “After this I make my own shit however I want.” Wow, Viktor, that sentiment may have some truth due to the competitive nature of the show, but unless they see your soul in those clothes, honey, you may not get the crown.

Time for the moment we have all been waiting for, the runway show and their final collections! As they are getting ready Kim loses her kit to finish sewing final touches and luckily Anya saves the day with some help… where are the boys at during all this? The least they could do is lend her a damn needle.

Our guest judge for the finale is L’Wren Scott… yeah I had to google her name too! Did you know it is the same name of the Polish adult film star of such films as “Czuj? Moje Piersie?” Me neither! (just kidding?) Why anyone should be allowed to be a guest judge for the finale is beyond me, god knows I really don’t care what they think (Debra Messing) and unless you have a big name icon sitting in that seat like Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, or Lauren Bacall then leave it to the judges that know the contestants well. (God imagine those three superstars sitting there with their fans? It would be like a helicopter was overhead, Lagerfeld might even lift off the ground! )

Kim was up first and I thought she toned her styling down perfectly which elevated the whole collection and made me rescind my Chav comment from last week. I see her girl now, she is smart, sexy, urban and stylishly tough. I liked her use of color and especially loved the ivory pants and see-through top look [pictured], that outfit was a total win in my book. While Michael Kors didn’t like the under portion to the multi-color gown she created, I just loved the print and the way it flowed down the runway. Great job, Kimberly. This season I thought you had some serious taste issues there for a while but you really resolved them. Regardless of a win or not I know we will see your name out there.

Joshua showed next with a mixture of looks I loved and others that made me want to throw my remote at the screen to dash them away into darkness. The judges loved his first piece [pictured], but I thought it was just another purple trashbag dress that ripped off the orange dress he had already done previously.

I loved his black neoprene dress and thought his changes to the flowy gown front/catsuit back outfit were a great solution. The green lace shorts [pictured] were horrific in my book and I just didn’t see a good collection here altogether, but the judges seemed to really like what he had done. I do understand what Nina is saying about how his flashier pieces are very “editorial” and would photograph wonderfully, but who the hell is going to buy this stuff but a schizophrenic stripper? Attention all girls that work at Jumbo’s Clown Room, we have a designer for you!

Joshua, as distasteful as I find your personality, I will give you major points for taking risks. This show needs more designers willing to just jump into the crazy house and go for it. That is a trait I respect in your design sensibilities. I suggest further editing, and perhaps more focus toward a clear goal BEFORE you go the fabric store and start buying material. I know you make some fun crazy stuff, but if you want to pay off some of those bill collectors, I’d start focusing on marketable material and outfits for the everyday woman. Unlike me, not EVERY girl needs outfits on a regular basis for the Space Disco Camp at Burning Man! (PS: if I ever see that final look of yours again, the one I nicknamed Witchiepoo, I will set fire to it myself… that is all.)

Viktor may have been all nerves as he got out there to say his quick speech, but his first look knocked it out of the park. The gorgeous tailored top and skirt combo with his own prints really was a show stopper. Several of his looks were not only marketable for the modern woman, but they were breathtaking. I loved his printed gown, which had almost a charcoal rorschach look to it, and the cute printed short dress was so adorable that if I was a girl, I’d want to spin in it all day.

However, the judges had a very good point about the let down they felt in Viktor’s collection. While it was a good collection, it felt like two different worlds and the sheer pieces just looked like a missed opportunity. Viktor, I agree and think you made a huge mistake taking that gown out of the lineup! You had so much black sheer sameness I expected Robert Palmer to walk out with a guitar. While you may have blown it, I love your work, Viktor, and am sure we will see your name on garments very soon. Not only do you make amazing clothing, you know the body and backstory of the woman you are designing for so well that women will be handing you their wallets after they slip into one of your outfits.

Last but not least was Anya. The original underdog story (that she painted) this year, and after last week’s episode so many were divided on if she should even be allowed to show in the final after so many issues in her final critique. Anya did what she does best and got her shit together in the final hours of the show and bought some amazing fabrics to add to the mix.

Somehow, she pulled it off… I’m still scratching my head because this girl may have just made procrastination look sexy.

With her opening look literally making me gasp I think she had a strong collection here. It was so nice to see she used that aqua, green and white tie-dyed fabric she showed to Tim when he visited. Finally she got some of the style of the islands into her “island inspired” collection. After abandoning the hideous gown she had made (Good choice) she whipped out some nice but overly similar black and white print dresses. As the collection walked the runway I started to have flashbacks of Uli’s show a few seasons back. But unlike Uli, Anya managed to style the whole thing together in a cohesive collection, and she made it look expensive. Heidi brought up a good point that almost all of her necklines were the same but that didn’t bother me as much as the fact that almost all of the garments were the same.

The real standout for me was the jumper in the middle: with lots of gold and green in the print, it looked like something I could see Lauren Hutton sporting on vacation. (The rested stylish Lauren Hutton, not the batshit crazy baby eating look Lauren Hutton we have seen in imagery over the last few years.) All said and done, I am proud of you Anya. Sewing ability or not, you have an amazing knack for making interesting garments that women want to wear. I have seen you adapt to the competition nature flawlessly all season and still maintain your integrity and sweet nature. I love your ability to find a print that flatters any silhouette and can’t wait to see what you do next win or lose.

So… All the votes were tallied and…………..

Kimberly was sent packing first, granting her a fourth place finish. Sad, Joshua shoulda been in this slot in my eyes, but she took the news gracefully.

Next to go was Viktor. This shocked me again as his collection was really strong, but he made a graceful exit and we all know he is a real talent.

Down to Josh and Anya now… Drumroll Please! The winner of Season 9 of Project Runway is ANYA!

Well thank god in my book it wasn’t Joshua for his rainbow bright placemat fashions, but i’m not sure Anya was really an obvious winner here. The judges saw the clearest vision in her work and I think they liked that she can take a “make it work” moment and provide some great things under pressure. Given her ability to learn from every mistake along the way I know she will do amazingly and can’t wait to see her future work.

As for Josh, he was devastated. This is a tough place for anyone to finish… so close but totally a bridesmaid. (Becky you can stop doing the happy dance, I know you are giddy right now.) In the end the top four were all very strong and all had such strong different styles this year, I think they will easily find their niche markets in the fashion world. (Except of course those ugly green laced up shorts, Joshua, and that bubble skirt, Kimberly! You guys need to staple that crap on your ceilings and stare at them before you go to bed every night! It’s like rubbing a dog’s nose in the mess they made, it is the only way they will ever learn!)

Until next season everybody! It has been a pleasure blogging all the crazy crap we have seen this season together and I hope you all have enjoyed the journey. Stay tuned to Fierce and Nerdy and check out my other column here “A Tall Glass of Shame” because you never know when I might do a little one-off commentary on the upcoming Project Runway All Stars season that begins early next year. Auf wiedersehen!