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Reading BOSSYPANTS Is Fundamental: Tall Glass of Shame [BOOK WEEK]

Alright readers, this past week I couldn’t make up my mind about which book on my nightstand I wanted to review more for Book week. The two books I picked were just so similar in scope. Tina Fey’s new memoir BOSSYPANTS and Roger Ma’s THE ZOMBIE COMBAT MANUAL: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead were so eerily alike that I decided to just mini-review them both together.

First off I want to just say thank you to Tina Fey for her wonderful in depth look at the simple everyday weaponry we each have in our homes, and how best to use them in a zombie hand-to-hand combat situation. That chapter on using the rake to gut the brain of one zombie while spinning it around to decapitate another was inspired and may just save my life some day! I’m sure this comes from her experience of working alongside Tracy Jordan on a weekly basis, as apparently he has several tips for people regarding knife combat and safety. (*ahem) I will also heed her advice carefully and try to avoid ever engaging in a “Full Submersion” scenario if at all possible. Now I can rest assured knowing that engaging any living dead creature while in the water is a no win situation. I think we all learned that after watching the following video:

Now while I loved the practicality of Tina’s zombie combat book, I also thoroughly enjoyed Roger Ma’s anecdotes about being a part of Second City, SNL and now 30 ROCK. He found a great way to balance his thoughts on work, marriage, mothering and even his feminist views in one hilarious book that I couldn’t put down. I think his inside look at the crazy world of comedy and how it is being a woman fighting his way to the top, is a refreshingly honest view of how far he has come. The best thing about this book? It was written so well by him that you could almost imagine him sitting there with his shoulder length brown hair and glasses, reading it to you a glass of wine in his hand like a good friend… So much of his voice is in there, and in the exact same way I love a good episode of 30 ROCK, I love this book!

So there you have it kids, don’t read two books at once that are so similar that you end up getting the details all mixed up. I’m just so glad I took all these copious notes and drank a lot of wine while reading so I could keep all my facts straight! Now go out and buy a book! Insert Reading Rainbow theme song here! Or better yet…

What’s better than watching Reading Rainbow episodes from the 80′s you ask? Watching Run DMC on Reading Rainbow!

Remember those corny “Reading is Fun…damental” PSA’s that they used to show in the 70s and 80s? Carol Burnett was one of my favorite people growing up and I remember this PSA she did for RIF being run throughout the early 80s.

I may not be a parent yet, but something tells me in a haze of exhaustion I’d probably grab this book and read it to my kid… Here is Samuel L Jackson Reading the best selling “kids” book: Go The F*ck To Sleep

…when all else fails and the book you bought turns out to be a dud, books are still handy for one thing!

Happy book week everyone!