Resolved: 2012 [Our Very Best]

Ernessa says: I’ve been struggling with my New Year’s resolution all month, mainly because I have no idea what my year will really look like with the arrival of twins, most likely this January. In the end, I decided to resolve to be kind and patient with myself and others, while I figure out how to “Get It Done!”  This sounds really simple compared to my multi-tiered and fairly long resolution pacts of years past, but I really do think this will be the hardest resolution to keep in the history of being me.

What’s most amazing about this year’s crop of resolutions is that there’s no weight loss on the list, which is a Fierce and Nerdy first. Check out the rest of our resolutions.


2013 is the year I stop wasting so much time on the internet and in front of the TV. My big resolution is to be much more social this year. I turned into a hermit in 2012. So I resolve to actually go where and when I am invited, to make time for the people I care about and put some effort into inviting friends out. 

My 2012 resolution was to finish THE YEAR THAT SUCKED: a Memoir. Try as I might, the subject matter was still too painful, so I set it aside. On a positive note, I did finish the first draft of a sci-fi novel and am deep in round 2 of revisions! My resolution is to have this puppy finished/polished early in 2013 and then published by the time the condo next door, which the construction crew just broke ground on, is fully built. (I think that may be a 2014 thing.)
Amy Robinson, Blogumnist Editor and writer of Tall Drink of Nerd


Remember what my 2012 resolution was. (Honorable mention: floss.)

Charles L.Cron from Thought Chuck

Gain weight, be less organized, write less, and be a total wiseass who can’t give a straight answer and doesn’t take anything correctly. Look how well I’m doing already! I’m off to a great start (slow clap)!

Eric Sims from California Seething


I’m not a resolutions type person, I’m just going to keep on being awesome, and strive to be even more awesome than I already am.

Jennifer May Nickel from Gal About Town: Fashion and Travel at Your Fingertips


I never make resolutions and I didn’t last year.  But, if I had to say something, it would be to stop stealing so many ketchup packets from restaurants.  I get mad when they only give you one or two for a giant order of fries.  I?m going to outsmart everyone and buy a bottle for my desk at work.  No, you may not borrow it, and I really doubt I’ll stick to this!
Jersey Joe from Kicking Back with Jersey Joe
I’m not usually much for resolutions. However, after spending most of the year feeling fairly nauseous by the piteous display of human opinions playing on the tv and radio, I have been struck by how we Americans seem to have lost just the most fundamental concept of showing compassion for our fellow men and women. As a result,I’ve been trying to be kinder in general to those I meet. We all seem to walk around like we’ve all made the most intelligent choices in our lives while condemning those that make mistakes. Or stupid things like health care. Why shouldn’t we all be entitled to health care? I don’t get it. When did we get so crazy? Like we never make mistakes. I mean, I watch KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS so I’m hardly in a position to throw stones.
Madam HR from HorroR Stories


My resolution for last year was to be more organized. Well, I can’t say that I have achieved that goal cos my craft room is messy as ever. I still love to multi-task, and this time of year is especially busy. My new goal for 2013 is to really, truly get a bit more organized with my projects. I’m also giving myself goals for my Etsy shop each year. I know some people are obsessed with Facebook, but I am obsessed with Etsy. My goal for this year is to reach certain goals for my shop, like reach 4040 items sold. So far I am on my way!

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle


I have all kinds of crazy artistic ambitions, but we’ll make this one personal. I’m gonna try to take an extra day off from working on my games every week. And do something without technology.

My 2012 resolution was to travel. Well, I DID say that it could be some smaller trips. I’ve been going to LA off and on for work. That’s been fun, and I’ve learned to really like parts of the city.
Matt Udvari from Gamer by Design


To find a way to get a newer car. Living in LA means putting a lot of hard miles on a vehicle and it is time for me to make a change in what tin can I drive around in. Last year’s goal was about sticking to my gym and eating habits, and I succeeded with flying colors. I not only feel healthier than I have in YEARS, but I managed to lose 70 pounds in the process. I plan to keep that up this year as well, no resolution needed and that feels pretty darn good.

Zack Bunker from A Tall Glass of Shame and The Runway Rundown