Richard Dawkins’ Cover Album To Re-Title Bon Jovi Hit, “Livin’ On An Inconsequential Wish” [Daily News Brief]

London, UK – Thursday
By Joshua Mauldin

Backed by a band of certified godless musicians, famed biologist and outspoken freethinker Richard Dawkins is currently recording a cover album of popular songs with atheist-approved lyrics aimed at eliminating religious concepts in well-known arrangements. “Music is one of the ways the dangerous meme of religion infects our brain,” remarked Dawkins from his London recording studio. “I want to attack that meme by correctly identifying the metaphorical poisons found in the words.” The first single to be released from the upcoming album is a cover of Bon Jovi’s hit Livin’ on a Prayer with a prayer replaced by An Inconsequential Wish. “The idea that an omnipotent God exists and can be concerned by a human plea of any kind is beneath us as a species.”

Dawkins says he got the idea while listening to Seasons of Love from the soundtrack to the musical Rent. “One refrain contends that love is a gift from up above. If that’s true then so is AIDS. Religious explanations for adapted biological instincts of social kinship should not be tolerated by thinking individuals.” As far as his singing voice, Dawkins plans on utilizing an auto-tuning device to help him stay in key. “I wasn’t blessed with…oh dear, please don’t print that…I wasn’t given as highly an evolved set of vocal chords as my fellow primates.”

Below is a tentative track listing:

1. Livin’ On A Prayer / Livin’ On An Inconsequential Wish
2. Sympathy For The Devil / Sympathy For The Mythological Counterpart To The Israelite War God YHWH
3. Stairway To Heaven / Stairway To The Fanciful Realm Of Eternal Adulation For A Supreme Dictator
4. Proud Mary / Proud Jewish Woman Erroneously Attributed To Birthing The Fabricated Third Incarnation Of A Celestial Demiurge
5. Son Of A Preacher Man / Son Of A Religious Charlatan
6. Dear God [Original Lyrics]
7. Calling All Angels / Calling All Fictional Winged Beings
8. Jesus Take The Wheel / Two-Thousand-Year-Old Crucified Palestinian Take The Wheel
9. Going To The Chapel / Going To The Organization Of Believers In Legendary Tales As Reality
10. What If God Was One Of Us / What If The Many Versions Of A Mortally-Invented Creator Deity or Deities Was/Were One Of Us

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