Rock to Your Favorite Radio Station – Any Time, Any Where!  [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Sep23

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Rock to Your Favorite Radio Station – Any Time, Any Where! [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

Last year, I was far from Pittsburgh on vacation and wanted to hear the local broadcast of a live Steelers game. I had no internet access and was just chilling in my hotel room when I found the perfect solution that allows me to listen to radio stations from far away – the Iheartradio app!

The free app was a simple download into my Android smart phone.  Within seconds I clicked on Pittsburgh and had the local broadcast, which was, thankfully, broadcasting the game.  Unlike satellite radio or television sports packages, you are getting the actual live broadcast, commercials and all.  The best part – it’s FREE!

The Iheartradio app was created by Clear Channel Radio to allow more interactivity between their radio stations.  The app is most used on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Windows 7 phones.  You can also listen for free and check out all the features on

The app delivers instant access to over 800 local radio stations from across the US, exclusive digital-only channels, and rebroadcasts of popular national morning radio shows.  The app also allows for sharing of photos, video, and interacting with DJ’s.

Downloading and using the app is quite easy, but it does count against your phone’s data usage plan.   Those on an unlimited plan will have no problem.  But, as phone carriers get cheap and begin to charge for excess bandwidth, you should monitor your data usage rate.  You will be able to listen for a good while without consuming too much data, but be forewarned – those overage fees can be painful!

Iheartradio began as and the website first launched in April 2008 giving listeners access to 750 Clear Channel Stations. In October of that year, the app was first released for the IPhone.  Within two weeks it was downloaded over 100,000 times and is ranked the tenth most popular download in the App Store.  The name was changed to Iheartradio to give seamless access between the app and the website.

Starting in July ’09, channels would launch dedicated to individual musicians. The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Weezer, and Megadeth were among the first to secure their own.

In addition to streaming local stations, there are also exclusive commercial free stations, and channels dedicated to top morning radio shows including Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (New York) and American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest (Los Angeles).  Speaking of Seacrest, does this guy ever stop working?

I use this app all the time.  It’s great for a long road trip and cheaper than satellite radio.  I plug my Android into the car charger or wall plug and listen away.  One of my favorite ways to unwind is to dial up 93.7 FM from Las Vegas and rock out in the shower!

The popularity of the app has absolutely skyrocketed. Stations in the Iheartradio network have come together to create the largest live music festival ever in Las Vegas, which takes place today and tomorrow. The Iheartradio Festival is being streamed live right now and according to their website will feature performances from:

• Jay-Z

• Coldplay

• Alicia Keys

• The Black Eyed Peas

• John Mayer

• Carrie Underwood

• Bruno Mars

• Kelly Clarkson

• Jane’s Addiction

• Lady Gaga

• J-Lo

• Steve Tyler

• Kenny Chesney

• Nicki Minaj

• Rascal Flatts

• David Guetta

• Sublime

• Sting

• Usher

• Jeff Black

• and others

I’m sure replays will be available afterwards on their site and on the app.  I will definitely be tuning in – at least for a rebroadcast!  That may be your only choice as well. The concert is sold out!

The easy to use menu of the iheartradio app.

The design of the app makes it super easy to find the local station, live event, or type of music you’re looking for.  After selecting type of music or location icon, you then scroll alphabetically to the city you want to hear music from or the genre.

Just announced on the website is the ability to create your own station.  You design a play list from the choices on their site, save it, and share it with your friends.  What a great idea!  I would love to hear some of yours!

Clear Channel is a communications giant and is one of the largest radio station groups across the country.  They are really doing us all a favor by making their content free to anyone, at anytime, with this app.  I wish more companies would take a stab at the future like this. Clear Channel can in turn, use this to bring in more ad dollars by promising advertisers a larger audience.  Think of it this way, you can buy a commercial for cheap on a station in Allentown, PA, but can promise that audiences in Los Angeles could hear it.

Clear Channel also owns several satellite radio and shortwave stations.  They also operate a few local cable news channels, FOX Sports radio, as well as radio stations in Asia and Europe.

They used to own a number of television stations, but sold those all off a few years ago.

In addition, Clear Channel operates a large international billboard company and bicycle rentals in Europe.  They company began with a FM radio station in San Antonio, Texas in 1972.

THE 411

Name: Iheartradio

What: App for mobile phones streaming local radio stations, live events, and national radio shows

Availability: cell phones and streaming online at

Cost: Free


Definitely download this app.  I find it really cool to hear the news and weather from my favorite far away cities.  If you don’t have a cell phone, go to their website and listen in from free.  It’s simple to use.

This really is a win-win for everyone – just make sure if you get addicted and start to listen a great deal, your phone’s data plan can cover it… or else it will hit you in the wallet!

And don’t forget to check out the live music festival today and tomorrow at

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