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Rough’N Stinky: [Ask Dr. Miro (What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class)]

Dear Dr. Miro,

Can rough sex make my Vag smell?


Stinky Puss

Dear SP,

The quick answer is no, rough sex does not result in vaginal odor. However there are some things to clarify. First of all, you are assuming rough sex means the same thing to everyone when really it can entail anything from light spanking with a gentle pull on the hair to being hogtied and flogged during a gang-bang. Another thing is that everyone’s body is unique. What may affect a person one way may have a completely different result on anothers.

Unpleasant smells emitting from your Yoni are due to miscellaneous factors. Have you been checked for Sexually Transmitted Infections? If you have crossed STI’s off as a possibility, the next place to look could be improper hygiene. I know that seems like a no-brainer, but even if you are washing after your sexual escapades you may be causing harm and odors as a result of improper techniques. What I mean by that is, you could possibly be using a soap that irritates your Special Lady Parts and in retaliation, your Vag will try to heal it’s self by producing more than her usual flora and fauna, so to speak. This same thing can be applied to douching. I could go on and on about that “D Word” but will make it simple: Do. NOT. Douche. It is unnecessary. The chemicals in most all douching products are akin to shooting bleach up in you. While on the topic of irritants, check and see if the condoms or lube you are using have Non-Oxynol 9. That stuff can produce rashes and bad reactions, which can turn stinky. Another factor contributing to an unsavory Vagina could be in your diet. It is really important to hydrate with WATER, cut down on the coffee, meats and dairy. Citrus is a good one to increase. A peculiar smell could have to do with yeast or other infections developed due to stress, hormones and a whole list of other things (see: Yeasty [Ask Dr. Miro] ), as well. If the stinkiness persists, go see your OB/Gyn so you can have an up-close, in person exam of where your bathing suit covers.

Regardless of the intensity of your sexual experiences, stick to common sense. Check anything or anyone being stuck inside your body for chemicals you may be allergic to AND cleanliness. Make sure you and your partner(s) wash hands and other parts with warm water and a non-irritating soap, keep your fingernails clean and trim and eat right!

Lust & Happiness,

Dr. Miro

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