Screw The McRib, I Want A Dick’s Burger! [A Tall Glass of Shame] Nov10

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Screw The McRib, I Want A Dick’s Burger! [A Tall Glass of Shame]

I’m sure if you have travelled to Seattle Washington, you have learned about the best fast food chain in the Northwest: Dick’s Drive In. There may be other juicier burgers out there, patties made a little thicker or with more pizazz, but the entire experience doesn’t hold a candle to my favorite little dive. I declare Dick’s burgers, my favorite burger in the Northwest! (Take that McRib, your sad little pressed “meat” sandwich can’t even compare!)

On my current trip to the Northwest I was sitting on the plane salivating at the mere thought of getting to head up to the Dick’s on Broadway. It may just be based on nostalgia, but I have such an affinity for this little fast food chain that is tucked in the most unexpected of places around the Seattle area. For a little family company that started in 1954, they have grown steadily to become a favorite of the Northwest, and an automatic destination of mine every time I head up here.

Here are five reasons why Dick’s Drive In is the best in the Northwest, if not the whole country:

1. The menu is simple and delicious!

There are no special orders allowed, but there is no need for it here. The burgers are done perfectly and you know you will get the same quality product every time you order no matter what you choose to eat here. There are also no ridiculous special menu items that come and go with the season (McRib, Shamrock Shake) and no secret ordering system (I’m talking about you “Animal Style” In-N-Out orderers…) just a nice full menu of delicious American classics. No need for more…

2. They are fast!

You can order any amount of anything off the menu and you will get it served up with a smile in under sixty seconds. I have never waited in line at Dick’s to get up to that order window longer than five minutes and the people behind that counter are moving at light speed and have yet to ever get my order wrong. It is as if they have some sort of competition going to see who can serve the most people in the shortest amount of time.

3. They have the best fresh cut fries around!

These fries are far superior to In-N-Out’s fries, but there is a drawback… you HAVE to eat them fresh. These fries are incredible fresh but do not travel well. You can see them making them all day long pressing those potatoes through the slicer, and with all the grease and salt they are the best darn fries you can get your hands on.

4. They treat their workers VERY well!

They not only pay their workers more than any other fast food chain, they also provide health and dental care benefits! They provide Child Care Assistance as well as Scholarship benefits to those who qualify, and have maintained that they strive to help every one of their workers achieve their dreams. Dick’s has consistently been the best employer around in the fast food business, but they also give back so much to their community through donations and community service. It is nice to see a company not just talk big, but put their money where their mouth is.

5. They are cheap!

Everything on the menu is less than three bucks, and most fall into the realm of dollar menu goodness! For less than five dollars I am stuffed and for less than ten bucks you can feed the family easily.

(6. The obvious Dick jokes that come along with the name.)

I have often thought about ways to bring a burger or two back to LA. I imagined getting ahold of some dry ice and packing everything neatly away to save and freeze for future meals, but alas this product doesn’t travel or freeze well. There is something kind of beautiful in the fact that it needs to be eaten immediately. Nothing lasts forever, and sometimes the best things in life are what is happening in the present.

Check out this Dick’s Drive In Memories Slideshow:

Dick’s launched a competition for locals last year to find out where the public thinks they should build a new Dick’s Drive In around the northwest. Edmonds won with over 50 percent of the vote and the new restaurant was opened just last month.

I love a company that embraces modern media, and pays attention to their fan base. I hollered and begged for a Dick’s in Los Angeles, but I think they ignored me. I think it will be a cold day in hell before we see one of these places pop up south of Washington state.

Before I go back to Los Angeles, I plan to get my butt over to Dick’s just one more time and maybe I’ll get myself a Deluxe or two. I’d say I would bring you back some fries or something, but we both know that isn’t going to happen. This love affair of mine runs deep, and cuts through any diet plans I have made if I am ever in the proximity of these delicious grease joints. I’ve been here countless times and even bought the t-shirt. Perhaps I am a member of the Dick’s cult.

This guy just loves Dick’s…

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