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Américain in France [Secret Life of an Expat]

After recently learning that the French term for brass knuckles is “an american fist,” I decided it was time to share my growing list of objects and ideas that involve the word américain. When you think about it, there are a good many American terms that involve the word french. The door swings both ways.

un sandwich américain - a sandwich with french fries in it, other contents vary by region

un poing américain - an american fist ... also known as brass knuckles

nuit américaine — american night ... the film technique that American filmmakers call "day for night"

un frigo américain - a fridge with freezer included, and ice maker (what a luxury!)

un filet américain - a specific type of steak tartare, the recipe is actually from Brussels

le quart d'heure américain - the american quarter hour .... a fifteen minute period at a party during which the music becomes suitably slow for dancing

la sauce américaine - I've mentioned this one before (click on the pic for that post), it's actually quite good, and apparently has a lobster base, though you can't taste it in the Heinz version

un plan américain - an american shot ... filmmaking term for a medium shot where (according to some sources but not verified in the big book of slang) the guns are showing

There’s also the apparently derogatory term “to be american” which means you spend lots of money. For example, I worked in a production house where a supervisor walked around saying “we are american” to a new guy who was impressed that they had actually bought the special computer set-up including fancy 3D monitor you need to digitally put video into 3D (the kind with the glasses). When I first heard it, I interpreted it as “we are well equipped to do the job properly” which I would consider a good thing, rather than “we spend copious amounts of money, we over-buy” which is a bad thing. I guess that’s just the americaine in me.

Does anyone know of any other French terms involving the word American? How about in other languages?