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Secret Loves: Music From Machines


a lil something extra by CH

One of my secret loves is when people take devices that were not originally meant to make music and turn them into musical instruments. Even as a kid I loved people who played water glasses or bottles as music instruments.

I want to share a few of my favorites with you

My first is Queen with mid 80’s printers and modems. I can watch this over and over and it always makes me happy.

After the jump are a couple of pieces done with Tesla coils. Being a lighting guy Tesla is my hero.

These guys go to music festivals and play this thing in public.

Would it be wrong to have them play my unborn daughter’s first birthday party?

And if your looking for something to do with your old floppy drives here are some options for you.

If you have watched them, all you may notice a lot of sci fi themes. I think that there just might be a correlation between sci-fi geeks and people with enough time on their hands to create music from machines. But anyway, please share your favorites in the coments.