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Shoes Off or On When You Write? [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

A lot of singers make a big deal out of singing with their shoes off or on. Before I got super-organized, I used to almost always write in bed with my shoes off. Also, the Writing Pad classes I attend are shoeless, and I’ve often found myself getting what feel to be deep and creative work done there.

However, as of late, I’ve committed to either writing at a desk or whatever table I can find free at Starbucks, so now I almost always write with my shoes on. And I’ve been finding that I get more work done this way. It doesn’t feel as arty, no. But something about sitting down at your desk or table, with shoes one like a regular working Jane just spikes my productivity levels.

But how about you guys? Do you write with your shoes off or on? Sound off in the comments!

featured image credit: Juan Cortez