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Short and Sweet and Salty [Fierce Foodie]

I owe this week’s short and sweet fierce foodie to my older sister, who took me out for breakfast recently and rocked my blueberry bagel and plain cream cheese world with her sweet and salty discovery. She asked for a toasted everything bagel with honey walnut cream cheese: the perfect combination of oniony and cinnamony, sesame and walnut, garlic and sugar. It sounds a little crazy, but it tastes amazing.

It started me thinking.  If this combination works, there must be others!  I am hoping that others out there know some magical duets they can share with the world.  Sweet Lebanon bologna and scallion cream cheese?  Salt and pepper chips dipped in strawberry yogurt?  Tell me your secrets!

Sweet & Salty Nirvana

Take one everything bagel, slice in half and toast.

Liberally apply honey walnut cream cheese.

Eat.  Rejoice!

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featured image credit: cobalt123