Solar System Lollipops, Black Heathcliff, and Compatible Daters All Like to Procrastinate on This!

1. The founders of Paragraph, a membership writing space in NYC are considering opening a branch out here. Yes, please, please, please do! And fellow L.A. writers, take this short survey, so the founders can know what L.A. Writers are looking for. [GalleyCat]

Further proof that the world is a beautiful(ly nerdy) place: solar system lollipops, ya'll! Click on the pic to find out how to get your set... next year. Sadly there's a backlog

2. Apparently the Carnegie Mellon professor credited with the invention of emoticons, really hates himself some emoji. He says they’re ugly and lack creativity. To which emoji answered, ;-p [Gawker]

3. Big thanks to Brian Viehland from for sending us the link to this total traffic light win. []

4. According to a new study, as gender equity rises, men are caring less about beauty in a potential partner and women less about wealth — which means Intelligence and Compatibility for the win! Yeah, baby! [Time]

5. A trailer for WUTHERING HEIGHTS, starring a black Heathcliff?!?! Oh yes, I will be watching this. [Jezebel]

6. They’re making a GNOMEO & JULIET sequel. Why is this happening to us??? What have we done to deserve this??? Oh, woe is me. [i09]

7. A creepy chair made up of eyeballs, because … well, why not? [LikeCool]

8. Why is it that when the rare film is made revolving around old women, there are always old men in it, but when a film is made revolving around old men — not so much? Latest example, if the EXPENDABLES wasn’t enough, the trailer for STAND UP, GUYS, which features Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, that one old character actor who has played the baddie in everything from GENERAL HOSPITAL to BREAKING BAD to this movie, and zero women even remotely around their ages.