Stay-at-Home Nerd:  Gets Lost May12

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Stay-at-Home Nerd: Gets Lost

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens have an address, I’m sure of it.  If I googled it, went to their website, or even looked at my membership card I’d probably find it.  I could even get the exact location and directions from my front door to their front door online, plug them into my phone thereby turning it into a GPS and assuring that I got to the Tea Room at the Huntington in a timely fashion to enjoy mother’s day finger sandwiches and scones with my wife’s mom, sister and her fiancé before we lost our reservation.  But, where’s the fun in that?

We were somewhere on the 210 headed east when my wife asked if I knew where I was going.  Of course I knew where I was going – we were all going to the Huntington.  What I didn’t know was how to get there.  Not exactly, anyway.  It’s roughly in Pasadena (San Marino), and there’s some street that runs right to it (Alan as it turns out).  Not knowing where to exit my wife got a bit impatient until we saw a sign that said “Huntington Library” next exit.  The great thing about not knowing where you’re going is that you’re constantly looking for signs and you’d be surprised how often they appear and get you where you need to go.

There were no more signs once we got off the freeway, though.  If there were we missed them.  We drove South on Hill for a while until it was apparent we were lost and by lost I mean we were here while the Gardens were somewhere over there.  So we doubled back and headed in that direction.  I was content to drive through this neighborhood of luxurious homes, wide streets and magnificently manicured lawns, but we did have a reservation to keep.  My wife called her soon to be brother in law and he told us what street to turn on.  Turns out we could’ve just kept going on the street we were on and run smack into it.

Which is long way of saying why I don’t use a GPS.  Having a child makes you constantly late and having a GPS is a way of saving time.  Supposedly that’s true.  But any time you save time it is at the expense of something.  Fast food comes at the expense of taste and quality.  Quick lube jobs come with the expense of air filter sales pitches.  And GPS time saving devices come at the expense of finding the way.  I don’t mean to sound all Buddha, but once you’ve really found a place you never need directions again.  Addresses become meaningless as your own mind navigates you toward your intended destination.  I know exactly where the Huntington is and not because I know it’s address or I can locate it on a map, but because I’ve been there and I could get there again from almost anywhere in the world without having to ask for directions.

Could I tell you where it is?  No.  Maybe.  Yes.  It’s in Pasadena, sort of.  There’s a street that runs right into it.  Once you find it you’ll never miss it again.  You get there by getting there or something like that.  The next time you’re thinking about punching in a destination into your GPS, don’t.  Do what I do and get lost.  You’ll find where going because you will be already be there.  Trust me.

featured image credit: liewcf