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Straight Outta Comments: Election Day Fun

Along with making us all a bit more intelligent with his bi-weekly Thought Chucks, Charles Cron can often be found in the comments section often, saying something funny and insightful — like this, which he posted after last week’s Political Physics post:

“Personally I like to vote in person. It makes me feel connected to this so-called “democracy” that we live in.

I love the frantic internet search on election day because you’ve misplaced your sample ballot, the fruitless search for parking near your polling station, the idle banter with the nitwit conservative in line in front of you, the smell of the poll workers (ahhh, tube roses and Ben Gay), their obviously fake cheeriness, their complete & utter lack of alphabetical & geographical knowledge in finding your name or address in their roll book, your inability to assist them when they ask you for ID because you’ve misplaced your sample ballot, the flimsy card table voting kiosks, the ballots that never line up in the plastic tabs of the voting booklet when you insert them, the little ink-a-dot pen that never works on the first press and always works too well on the second, trying to remember how you wanted to vote on all the propositions and referendums because you’ve misplaced your sample ballot, the poll workers’ complete & utter lack of knowledge on how to actually insert your ballot into the machine reader to make it “count,” the sadness you feel when it’s all done and you don’t have anything to recycle because you’ve misplaced your sample ballot, and the need to request the little “I Voted” sticker after you’ve done the deed because they forgot to offer it to you.

Ahh, Election Day should be a national holiday…”