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Super Mario Bros. vs. Donkey Kong on the Las Vegas Strip [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

Can the Super Mario Bros. save the Princess from the hands of Donkey Kong?  It’s a real life video game that takes place up and down the Las Vegas Strip!  You can bet the tourist cameras are rolling and we get viral video gold!



This hilarious video was uploaded last December by the Youtube group known as Bangakang.  They have some pretty outrageous videos online, including jumping into the world’s biggest pile of leaves and creating a slip-n-slide with 52 gallons of chocolate syrup.  The last one sounds like a blast!

Costumed characters are becoming all the rage in New York, Los Angeles, and on the Las Vegas Strip.  Usually, the performer (some of those dressing up don’t technically qualify as performers) will pose for pictures and interact with tourists for a small tip.  Just be warned: some of these guys can get hostile if you don’t tip.  One dirt bag was recently arrested in New York City for dressing up as Elmo and hurling racist slurs as tourists – all while having a criminal background.  Yeah, that worked out well…

Super Mario and Donkey Kong made their video game debuts in arcades in 1981.  Mario was forced to climb a series of ladders to rescue the Princess being held by the large ape above.  Donkey Kong would get several sequels and Mario would be paired with his brother Luigi for their first sequel, Mario Bros, where they had to battle creatures in the sewers of New York.  Later, they would move into the Mushroom Kingdom to again save the Princess from the evil King Koopa.  Super Mario Bros. is one of the best and highest selling video games of all time.

Costumes for Mario and Luigi are sold online and at Halloween stores.  It’s great to see these guys to the time to pick a few up and create this highly entertaining viral video!


THE 411

 Name: Mario Bros. vs. Donkey Kong in Vegas

What: viral video movie posted to Youtube

Running time: 3 minutes



I came across this video the other week and thought it was so hilarious that it had to be shared.  My favorite part is when Donkey Kong flings barrels at Mario and Luigi while they try to climb the escalators outside of the Wynn!

I’m looking forward to seeing more great stuff from this group!  Make sure to check them out and laugh!