Tall Drink of Nerd: Legal Love Mar23

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Tall Drink of Nerd: Legal Love


a blogumn by Amy Robinson

This weekend, I’ve been catching up on the dating exploits of FaN bloggers.  Laughing vicariously at the exploits of the single folk and remembering, through a Scooby-Doo wavy memory wipe, back to my own dating days.

heartandsoleGeorge H.W. Bush was President the last time I had a “date”. I was a horrible dater. I was hella shy and when I tried to impress a boy I liked, my killer move was trying to be funny but really just coming off as weird.  Basically, I acted a fool and floundered in a beer-soaked sea of Chicago boys.  Clearly, I was a different kind of crazy than the guys I was meeting.  No connection worked, every attempt I made seemed awkward and mismatched, like eating caviar on Doritos.

Then I met Seen. Eighteen years ago, this Saturday, is when I, a precocious, free-spirited 20-something in a hippie dress and a straw hat, shook hands with the oddly named fellow and found my match. Seen was my friend first, for all of 6 hours until we started macking.  He was the guitar player for a pick-up band and I was recruited by a mutual friend to be the back-up girl singer.  After the first rehearsal, we went out for drinks.  My roommate hooked up with the drummer and I got my Seen.  The first time I saw Seen, there wasn’t a chorus of angels or a halo of light surrounding him, but he was so clever and so nice.  I didn’t act weird and he thought I was funny. We were bent on each other right away.  His kind of crazy matched mine.

Eleven years after we met, we made it all legal by marrying on a Malibu beach at sunset.  Yup, we waited awhile and it’s turned out awesomely.  Our lives are totally different now, they change every year and we get to sit side-by-side on this life journey thing.  Seen is the reason I procrastinate and the reason I get anything done at all.  He’s my enabler and my cheerleader.  Thank God he puts up with my neurosis, cause I’m still odd and crazy, weird and nerdy. 

Now, our love reaches the legal age of 18.  This number, which for a person usually means graduation, legal consent and military eligibility, makes me feel like we’ve reached another big milestone.   Even though it’s not always rainbows and beers, we love each other and I’m damn lucky.


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