Tall Glass of Shame: A Cynical (But Hopeful!) Look At Resolutions Jan06

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Tall Glass of Shame: A Cynical (But Hopeful!) Look At Resolutions

The champagne bottles litter the floor and the hiss of the stereo speakers cuts through the silent morning air. Your feet stick to the carpet. You ask yourself the simple questions like: “Whose pants am I wearing, and why is there a goat eating my sofa?” Hello and welcome 2011, you saucy mistress!

By now I hope you all have managed to clean the puke out of your hair and sweep up any broken glass from your drunken revelry this past weekend, there are things to be done! 2011 has begun and inevitably many of you are now going to the gym (for the next two weeks only most likely) or buckling down and working the longer hours you should to get ahead. Remember, this is YOUR year and everything will be different this time… right?

I love the naive optimism each new year brings. Everything starts out so fresh in January and people seem to easily look on the brighter side of life for a change. This trend of easy joy lasts for about 2 weeks usually, until people begin to realize that they are starving, or that hitting the gym at 4am before work isn’t as easy as it sounded on December 31st. That pack of cigarettes starts calling and that booty call you promised you wouldn’t make is suddenly at your door once again.

Chloe feels your pain and she has some “Resolutions” of her own…

I find that people in LA have strong feelings when it comes to this resolution business, they either adamantly jump into a resolution expecting everyone to understand how hard it is and jump with them, or are too cool for school and fully against such ridiculous notions as making resolutions. (Side Note: Yes Fran, from accounting, I understand you haven’t eaten solid food this week since you started your Green Tea Cleanse, but does that mean you have to take it out on everyone around here?)

In a land of just as many plastic surgery centers as there are Donut/ Burger joints, the most typical resolution tends to be about weight loss. (Another Side Note: I used to wonder why there were so many places boasting Donuts AND Chinese Food at the same location, and I learned that they use the same fryer grease for both, saving money and serving more product throughout the day…. mmmm Sweet and Sour Old Fashioned Glazed!) As we speak, the gyms are packed to the brim with good intentioned resoluters donning their newest in workout wear. LA’s grease pits must be hurting these first few months of the year and I have noticed at the market that the good produce is disappearing like mad. I’m sure there is a run on juicers at Target as well.

LA seems to be a land of the permanent “New Year’s Resolution.” There is always talk about something that may or may not happen but everybody has high hopes, (*ahem “Bullet Train”) or knows somebody hitting rehab to kick the habit once and for all. This is the land of hopes and dreams, just as much as it is the wasteland of all those dreams that came before and just ended up stripping at Jumbo’s Clown Room. I think in a place where “Classic” architecture only dates back maybe 50 years tops, it is easy to imagine the land around you and even your own life as a constantly evolving work in progress.

Here’s a funny video attack/homage to our fair LA and all that she has to… offer?

Now for any filmmakers or artists out there that are feeling unmotivated and down on themselves, you should be… There are 365 chances each year for you to seize your creativity and share something with the world. No more sitting around waiting for something to happen for you, get off that sofa and let’s make something this year. Make anything, make something purely for the fun of it… you may surprise yourself.

Here is a great little short film made by 17-year-old Alex Heller from the Chicago suburbs that should put you to shame and get you off your butt making some art. The music is “Creep” (Radiohead) covered by Scala & Kolacny Brothers, a Dutch women’s choir. (This song became a recent hit after being featured in the trailer for THE SOCIAL NETWORK.) The film is made up of 1500+ shots made with her Nikon D60. This little film is at once sad and inspiring. Check it out!

Creep (Radiohead) – Scala & Kolacny Brothers from Alex Heller on Vimeo.

Now, I don’t mean to get down on all you resolute folks out there eating like a bird or starting a new plan of attack for your career this year. I wish you all hope, and the strength to push through and persevere! Without jumping into something new or changing up our day-to-day world, we remain stuck standing still… and standing still can get you hit by a car. In fact it can get you hit by a car full of really pretty, more successful, skinny people, that are accomplishing things because they stuck to their resolutions!