Tall Glass of Shame: Angry Birds Goes Viral Mar03

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Tall Glass of Shame: Angry Birds Goes Viral

I sometimes lose my temper. It is odd… screaming, shouting and shaking begin to take over my otherwise calm exterior. I lurch and contort wildly while exclaiming into the ether “Arrrrg!” I am hoping and praying that this time…. just this once… I will be lucky enough to kill all the little green pigs and get 3 stars on the level. I am of course talking about the application: Angry Birds.

Angry Birds, for you non-smartphone and non-iPad people is an application that has a simple premise: Kill the green pigs and knock stuff over! The Evil Green Pigs (some sort of royal pig family) have stolen the birds’ eggs and the birds are pissed. The birds want their eggs back. Through the use of a handy slingshot, you launch the wingless bird shapes to topple complex structures and destroy the pigs. It is one part puzzle, one part physics and one part stress reliever. Never before have I wanted to destroy something so much as I do those little green pigs.

Now for a little perspective readers, I have never been much for video games beyond the occasional game of solitaire as an adult or playing Zelda and Final Fantasy way back when I was a kid. I have found it hard to get sucked into these tiny little worlds that usually just include some violent shoot ‘em up situation, but Angry Birds has infected my brain and taken it’s hold. I am just as ticked as those little birds and the little green piggies are gonna feel our wrath!

I was lucky enough to receive an iPad as a gift this past Christmas. It was an item I never thought I’d own since the price put it out of my range for something that I deemed an “un-necessary” purchase. Amazingly enough, I have found so many fun ways to integrate the iPad into my daily world. The iPad can be a recipe book, an alarm clock, a scheduler, a social media center, a book, a drawing pad and my new personal favorite: An Angry Birds Launching Device!

With all good things that take off in pop culture, my favorite moments are when people take it to the next level and make a good viral video ! This week I have a few fun ones for all you Angry Bird fans out there. Also, look online this Summer for the launch of Angry Birds Dodge Balls… Children everywhere will be having nightmares!

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Angry Birds Live! Coming to a backyard near you! Everyone loves a hick with time on his hands!