Tall Glass of Shame: Christian Bale is Creepy (and Super Fun!)

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Tall Glass of Shame: Christian Bale is Creepy (and Super Fun!)


a blogumn by Zack Bunker

In the modern age it is safe to assume that at any given moment we are possibly being recorded or photographed. Is it scary for me to say that? I know what you’re thinking…. “Oh jeeze another conspiracy theorist who’s read 1984 one too many times and is trying to make me scared of my own shadow.” Nope, that’s not me folks.. I am more of a realist and choose to assume that all those little devices we carry around called cellphones are active and not just being used to talk. Don’t get me worng, its ok with me, in fact many a hilarious picture of shenanigans at a party have been taken of me with those little devilish devices. I think the usefulness outweighs the creep factor when it comes to camera phones.

christian-baleNow imagine a different moment in time, and imagine yourself as say a famous person on set… about to shoot a scene. You would think that knowing that the cameras are set up and about to roll, there is a high probability that there is a live mic feed somewhere. For anyone who has been on a set or regularly works on one you also know there is a no cellphone rule with many productions that often times goes quietly ignored. People just need to do their job. So lets add it up, we have live feeds on your face, image, voice, and many many other little devices able to pick up your every move… Hundreds of chances to catch you at a bad moment in a myriad of ways. Tell me people, is this the time to have a meltdown? I say yes! I say bring it on cause it gives us all something to giggle about. “Alice, can you believe so and so said blah….” Oh the watercooler is a buzzing about ten minutes after that footage leaks.

If you haven’t already heard about, or listened to the Christian Bale freak out session on the set of Terminator Salvation this week, you must not have a head… or you’re maybe amish… or an emu… For those not in the know, he lost his marbles when the Director of Photography stepped onto the set to adjust a light while he was running a scene. He verbally attacked him with a slew of expletives that every office has been playing on constant repeat for the last 3 days. Did he go too far? Could he have done or said something else that would have been more appropriate? You guys weigh in, and for a chuckle here is his tirade remixed to dance music within 24 hours of the audio leaking. Ahhh the ingenuity of the youtube nation! Aslo, I’ve included some other well known tirades after the jump…

Christian Bale’s on set blunder remix:

Lily Tomlin and Director David O Russell have a tiff on the set of I Heart Huckabees….

Some more Huckabee fun with Lily Tomlin pulling actor Dustin Hoffman into the fray….

…and for something a little more bizarre, here’s Bob Sagat losing it on the set of a commercial for Comedy Central…