Tall Glass of Shame: Do This Nightmare Experiment Jan20

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Tall Glass of Shame: Do This Nightmare Experiment

Many things fuel my nightmares from Spandex shorts to the ever impending Zombie apocalypse, it just seems that some nights I can’t get any sleep. My recurring nightmares are usually filled with waves of water ready to destroy or falling elevators out of control, but what about those OTHER nightmares? What about those things in life that we just can’t un-see and certainly can’t get out of our heads?

I have always been a heavy dreamer with nearly all of my dreams appearing in vivid color and most being off the charts bizarre. It seems my brain works overtime once the lights go out. I also have the habit of waking up and spending my first few minutes remembering what just happened. More often than not, I am amazed at how much strange stuff from my daily life filters into my dream world.

Studies of dreams have found that about three quarters of dream content or emotions are negative. (Some weeks I would guess that number might be higher for me at least in part due to my sarcastic nature.) These negative dreams can come about from stress, agitation while asleep due to an uncomfortable sleeping position, or from some sort of outer influence i.e. a horror movie or traumatic event. Essentially, nightmares are us working through our daily sh*t.

I like to think most of my nightmares are fueled by pop culture and the things I watch on Youtube. In my dreams I’m not just working through my frustrations with career and money, I’m also trying to come to terms with the fact that Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe acceptance speech was creepy and her awful laugh was even worse. My brain takes an entire night to pour through all the terrible crap I ingest each day, don’t even get me started on the myriad of LOLCats images I have had to shuffle through in dreamland. My mind is a sponge and sadly it likes junk food.

I know i’m not alone in this, there are others out there that suffer this affliction just like I do. Without having an accurate study performed, I can still say without a doubt that even though 99.9% of the people who watched “2 Girls 1 Cup” knew it was fake, they will still never eat chocolate pudding again after what they witnessed online. God only knows what they may have dreamed about after watching that awful clip!

So… With all that in mind, this week I decided to find some incredibly strange and outrageous videos for you to burn into your brain. Let’s look at this as a test and see how many of these videos scare themselves into your subconscious this evening. Who knows, after witnessing this week’s glorious picks you may just have a nightmare about a dancing japanese girl giving birth to Angela Lansbury strumming her ukulele in a bikini top! Seriously…

OK! Let’s prime your brain with a little nightmare fuel: This is the Hamster Dance

Now, let’s get a little sexy… Angela Lansbury Style…

Time for some nightmare jamz! How about The Ukulele Orchestra playing their version of Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”

Nightmare Jamz part 2: Katy Perry – “Peacock” Chat Roulette version (this one always makes me giggle…)

I think some of the worst nightmares happen in Japan. Example:

Now if you have made it this far i’m very impressed…. So, here’s a little treat of a trailer for a film that could be somebody’s nightmare. I can’t wait to see this on the big screen soon: A story about a lonely tire in the desert that comes to life with some very destructive powers… The film is called “Rubber” and will be in theaters this April.