Tall Glass of Shame: I’m a Big Cook Now Sep30

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Tall Glass of Shame: I’m a Big Cook Now

I need to confess something to you all, I am afraid of cooking. For years I have stared at the shelves of the grocery store and gotten anxiety, quickly running towards the frozen food aisle to find peace. But I can’t eat frozen pizza any more, I have decided to face my fears head on!

When you first move out on your own, you discover the fun in living how you chose. At the age of eighteen, and new to the world of being the home shopper and planning meals, I remember being excited about the task and thinking how simple this part of the week would be. Very quickly I learned just how little I knew about cooking.

I had a basic set of cooking tools from Goodwill, so I hit the grocery store only to discover that food can be very expensive. I was amazed at how quickly it all added up, staring at the pile of groceries that couldn’t cost almost one hundred dollars. I left deflated a bit, carting my first big bag of groceries home thinking somehow I would just naturally pick up the skills of cooking. How hard could it be?

Three charred chicken breast attempts, one burned pot of gravy, a pile of mushy over steamed vegetables, and a small kitchen fire later, I firmly decided it would be cereal or hot dogs for dinner the rest of my life. It was in these first few days that rather than calmly learning the tricks of the trade, I turned my back on cooking. Only recently, have I decided to jump in and teach myself to cook. My boyfriend, Levi and I share the cooking duties now, but I have pushed myself to go above and beyond and have found that cooking can really be fun!

Here’s a few things I have learned from picking up some kitchen items and making use of them:

1. Cooking doesn’t have to be scary. Most of my fears were about those first few moments, the fire and ruined food that I spent my money on. I have shed those fears now and found that not every meal turns out great, and that is ok… this is where we learn what we like and how to change the recipe.

2. Cheap kitchen tools will break quickly and not give you the results you want, investing in something of quality can actually be a good thing.

3. Spices are amazing! There are billions of things to add and I seem to have the fever for them like Pokemon! I gotta catch ‘em all! At first the price of them put me off for years, but when you have a nice basic set of spices you will be amazed how far they go and how fun it is to use them to make a recipe “your own.”

4. Baking is not that tough, as long as you are specific in your measuring, and learn that things that bake continue to cook a tiny bit after coming out of the oven. Learn to use your nose. If you can smell what you are baking strongly, chances are it is almost done.

5. Cheap meat? Marinades make all the difference! The longer it sits in whatever savory sauce you have whipped up, the better the results! Yummy cheap marinade for chicken: Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of brown sugar and some salt and pepper. (ps: all those can be found at the dollar store.)

6. There is beauty in putting it all together. Where I once found anxiety, I now find a fun puzzle waiting to be assembled. I love strolling the aisles now and thinking of all the possibilities!

7. A good recipe book is great, but if you’re on a budget go online! Millions of recipes exist for free out there and are usually accompanied by reviews from people who have tried them.

Now, while I go sit and watch the 14th hour of the Food Channel’s programming, I want you to take a gander at some of these fun Cooking related videos I found for you all this week! And if you have a great recipe for anything send it my way, I’m starting my own little pile of my favorites! I’ll set it right here next to my donna reed apron dress.

I have to be honest, I love me some Paula Deen. Anyone who has such a love for all ingredients and never skimps on the butter is alright by me. Check out this hilarious video someone made called: Paula Deen takes ‘Ludes and makes food!

For all the vegetarians and Vegans out there: Let’s play PETA’s Cooking Mama Parody…

Not sure what to make of this Japanese gem! I’m scared but can’t stop watching this train wreck…

Halloween is coming up, and this fun looking main dish doesn’t seem to take too much effort beyond a regular meatloaf… I love this video for the presentation as well! Let’s make a Meatloaf Baby!

And for dessert, how about making a kitty litter cake?

Last but certainly not least is: Calpernia Addams Makes Biscuits & Gravy Drunk, While Dressed as a Dominatrix Bride. This girl is a hoot and wonderful in person, check out youtube for more of her southern cooking quickies!

featured image credit: Angelina :)