Tall Glass of Shame: Performance Art That Won’t Make You Stare At Her Until You Cry Jun10

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Tall Glass of Shame: Performance Art That Won’t Make You Stare At Her Until You Cry


a blogumn by Zack Bunker

Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

Many fear it and somehow no local news affiliates have done a story on it warning the public of its menacing presence. It strikes when you least expect it and can claim any number of victims especially now with technology being what it is… It can reach the masses almost instantly making countless numbers uncomfortable. I am speaking of course about Performance Art. This week I will show you some amazing and horrendous vids exploring the world of Performance and Art. I have had some wonderful run ins with performance art in my life and it has stopped me in my tracks both literally and emotionally. To get a gut response it takes riding that fine line of what is staged and what is possibly “real.” All too often we see Performance Art as that “scary” art form done by waif-like women who pretend to live as art… while many do resemble this stereotype, I am intrigued by the people who take it to a new bizarre level where you can’t quite name what they are doing with only one genre. Here are some crazy examples of what i’m talking about after the jump — no waif-like creatures rolling around in red paint and Twinkies here!

Check it out: Check out a startling piece of international Performance Art: The Japanese Crawling Robot Businessman:

The weirdest (most amazing) Lip-sync Routine/ Performance Artist I’ve ever seen? Note to self, don’t piss off an undead drag queen from the Philippines!

Literal Performance and Art… Dan Dunn’s speed painting:

French Artist Orlan, just your simple performance artist who many say took it too far… is she “living art?”

After all that Art we need a fun little chaser… what could I show you to cleanse your palette? Oh I know!