Tall Glass of Shame: The Real Housewives of Civil Right Whip Their Hair Back and Forth Feb17

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Tall Glass of Shame: The Real Housewives of Civil Right Whip Their Hair Back and Forth

It is that time of the year again: Winter still holds half the country in it’s frozen death grip, people start to get cabin fever, and I learn to be best friends with my television. Awards shows are popping up like the flowers that will soon spring forth from the ground, and my senses are on pop culture overload as some shows come to a close and others just start revving up. Thankfully, long gone are the days of such strict TV seasons, God bless the creation of such channels as Bravo and E!

In these dark grey days of Winter it can be hard to find inspiration anywhere, but my boob tube has been feeding me all sorts of terrifying gems lately. For instance, the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta just happened a few weeks back and the juicy 2-part reunion special concludes this Sunday on Bravo! Rumors have begun swirling about everyone’s favorite frenemies Kim and NeNe not returning to the show next season after their fight on a tour bus. Something tells me I would drop that show faster than a bag of fried duck vaginas if those girls back out, cause let’s be honest here… nobody is watching the show to see that new boring model girl whatshername get married!

While I love to watch the train wreck of The RHOA, all the others leave me cold. I have no interest watching white women get Botox and buy diamond rings. There is something about how much fun these Atlanta women seem that just makes me want to watch their crazy arguments and so-called lives. I thought that Atlanta was as good as it could get when it came to this franchise, but then I stumbled across the following spoof the other day, “The Real Housewives Of Civil Rights!” (This video is pretty funny, but I kinda wish Wayne Brady hadn’t been involved.) If only all of these strong women could have been in the same room, I would have loved to be a fly on THAT wall!

Another show that just started revving up in January, and is only a few measly weeks in, is RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3! All signs (and anyone with eyeballs) are pointing to Raja being the star this season but there are some fun characters in the mix. The show has been enlivened a bit with the oh-so-handsome “Pit Crew” duo, I just wish they were featured better within the content of the show. As always, crazy challenges abound and it still looks like Ru Paul has 20,000,000 watts of lights shining right on her face. The best send up I’ve seen so far of this show has to go to the Big Gay Sketch Show! Check out their hilarious take on the action here and catch RuPaul and her “girls” Monday nights on Logo:

Now I must say TV aside… one song that has haunted me as the annoying crossover from 2010 is “Whip My Hair” song by Willow Smith. I couldn’t get the damn thing out of my head for the longest time, until I watched the following videos… These charming vids have stolen it’s power away and I can once again be at rest. Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Let’s all do the Exorcist Whip!

How Nomi Malone of Showgirls whips her hair…

Whip MY Hair ft. “Neil Young” and “Bruce Springsteen” (Gotta love a good impersonation!)