Tall Glass of Shame: The Sullen Teenager Jun24

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Tall Glass of Shame: The Sullen Teenager


a blogumn by Zack Bunker

Remember those days when you would sit in your bedroom writing bad poetry in your journal and feel like you were the only kid on Earth that could possibly be feeling so much raw emotion? You’d scrawl on the page something like: “I feel the yearning. The yearning to break free from this place. Woe is my dark soul burning with”… blah blah blah fill in the blank about your parents here…. This doesn’t sound like you? Oh please, I see that copy of Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes you’re hiding behind your back! ¬†Those times were full of emotion, confusion and so much turbulence both self-inflicted and coming from all those around us. I remembered a great day hanging with a friend just a few years back, where we were trying to one-up each other at creating the worst teen poetry possible. This is harder than you may think unless of course you are still in the thick of it and those words just fly out with such force that your head might just spin. After our fun little banter back and forth on the subject, I have found that there are books out there created entirely from the worst teen angst poetry submissions. These are all pieces¬† that people have sent in as adults after digging through their old papers from way back when. What do you have lurking around in your stash of papers? I’ll spare you my bad prose from those days… But I found someone willing to share theirs after the jump:

One of my favorite things: Teen Angst Poetry

Remember those rough and tough days of being part of the “Teenage Gang Debs?”
Remember those oh so boring instruction videos they would show when you were younger? Well what if they remade it today with a fun bizarre twist to it all? Guess what… They have! Thanks to Mark C. for the tip off!
Also, see the rest of the series on youtube… search for “Look Around You”
This needs no introduction, just watch it!
And now something to melt your mind and soothe your aching teenage soul…