Tall Glass of Shame: Wedding Disasters May27

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Tall Glass of Shame: Wedding Disasters


a blogumn by Zack Bunker

Photo Credit: SpiritMama

So this past week I had the pleasure of attending a wedding, which is a ritual that always warms my cold cold heart. In the past I’ve maybe been to 6 different ceremonies of all denominations or lack thereof. Luckily, this ceremony was beautiful and the bride looked amazing. Everyone had a great time and the union was sealed without any noticeable disasters.

Saturday was a different story, my partner who is a make-up artist was working on a wedding and the caterer cancelled the day of the ceremony… With no warning and guests on their way to the reception, the bride was in tears, the groom was pissed and they sent out for El Pollo Loco. Just the thought of that made my stomach turn, and that’s not just from the grease.

Although marriage is an institution I’m not allowed to participate in yet, I still have to say I love the pomp and circumstance. I love the fluttery moment of “I do” and the happy looks on everyones faces. I love the whole experience (except for the bunny hop) but what keeps popping into my mind now, is what about when it goes wrong? With so much built into a single day, and so many expectations to pack into one ceremony and a reception, what happens when it all just falls apart, do you laugh? I do…

Could this be the worst wedding DJ ever?

Whatever you do, don’t make the bride dance with a tray of lit beverages…

Ok, I’m not even sure what to make of this:

And before you all hit your next wedding, you too, may need to brush up on some of the essential moves that you’ll need to conquer the dancefloor: