Technically Geeking: Carlectric Boogaloo Jul22

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Technically Geeking: Carlectric Boogaloo


a blogumn by Justin Time
Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

It used to be Ferraris, Jags and Porsches. Now it’s Teslas, Volts and Priuses. I come from a long line of car-obsessed men. My grandfather would buy a new car even when he had 3 others and could barely drive. My father can’t drive on the expressway without pointing out every car that is the slightest bit uncommon. He passed the sickness onto me, by both nature and nurture, taking me to car shows, subscribing to car magazines, and buying me diecast collector cars. Growing up, I had a poster of a white Testa Rossa over my bed.  It was the 80s, ok?

Now that my boyhood frivolity has all but vanished, I have moved on from Ferraris to things I could maybe afford and that wouldn’t make me feel like a complete jackass driving around. And then there is the environmental heroism appeal of hybrids and EVs. But at the root of this passion for cars and interest in fuel-saving technology is a big geeky revelation…

Cars are the ultimate gadgets! You climb inside and become a high-speed machine with gears, dials, sensors, and of course computers. And you can add more geek crap – GPS, audio systems, CBs, radar detectors, jammers, and LoJack.

So here is a list of my favorite geek cars available now or coming soon:

1. Tesla Model S – Hot EV sedan – now taking 2011 orders – $49,999
2. Chevy Volt – Please please please survive to finish this, GM. $35,000?
3. Optima Joule – Funky electric 6-seater with leased batteries (South Africa).
4. Bee One – British EV on the cheap – $17,700
5. 2010 Toyota Prius – Had to be mentioned. The 800 pound gorilla just got better
6. Tata Nano – Who doesn’t love Tatas? Especially when they mean $2000 EV cars in India.