Technically Geeking: New Touch Phones Coming Soon May27

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Technically Geeking: New Touch Phones Coming Soon

Last time, I gave you some iPhone app recommendations. Now it is time for a look at the possible next-gen iPhone and its sworn enemies from Palm, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Google.

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First, let’s get the next iPhone out of the way. WWDC is less than 2 weeks away, and Apple is expected to drop some kind of bomb there as usual. Considering the huge success of the iPhone as-is, there won’t likely be any drastic changes. But here is what you can see for sure: iPhone OS 3.0 released with copy/paste, MMS, and push notifications. And here is what you might see if you’re lucky: light-up-Apple-logo that doubles as a flash, rubberized shell so you don’t drop it all the time, OLED display for better battery life.There are also rumors that Apple will launch a new tablet Mac based on the iPhone OS to have an 8-inch touch screen. You know, for those of us who need yet another Apple product in our lives.

Buying advice, iPhone: If you are on AT&T, get the next iPhone.

In other news, we have the Palm Pre. Almost forgotten by the bleeding-edge geeksters, Palm Inc. has had more to do with the genesis of the smart phone than any other company. They were the first to sell a phone that was an effective internet device – the Handspring Treo. Problem was, it hardly evolved in 7 years. But it’s a fresh start for Palm on June 6 when they release a new device with a new operating system – the Palm Pre. It’s as small as a BlackBerry Curve, but it has both a touch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. WebOS, as they call the new system, is focused on being entirely wireless. No desktop cable synching involved. Even the charger has no plug. You just put the phone down on a magnetic disc and it charges through the phone’s shell — like magic! The Pre launches on Sprint for $199 with contract on June 6.

Buying Advice, Palm Pre: If you are on Sprint, this is the one.

Let’s not forget lonely old Windows. Windows Mobile, that is. The most ubiquitous platform on Earth and the least sexy. But some of the most hardcore geeks and nerds swear by it – powerful hardware combined with an OS that runs millions of programs. The next awesome device on this platform is the HTC Touch Pro 2. This is a sequel, obviously, to the popular Touch device that “borrowed” from the iPhone interface shortly after its launch. To one-up the iPhone, it has a nice slide-out keyboard for better typing, better camera and higher resolution screen. It’s pricey though: $800 without a contract meaning $300 or more with a contract.

Buying Advice, HTC Touch Pro 2: If you are a PC, get this.

Android is the Google OS. It’s touch-oriented like iPhone, but it has an open source operating system which means developers are working together across the world to make it better, instead of 20 guys in Cupertino. They have an app store too, but they call it Android Market, and it doesn’t have any prime time commercials. There are a lot of new Android devices in the pipe, but the HTC Lancaster looks cool. Matte black and rubbery seems to be a theme this summer. I don’t know when this is hitting AT&T, but most likely before summer is out.

Buying Advice, HTC Lancaster: If you want serious geek cred, hold out for this one.

Finally, BlackBerry. After being called the Worst Gadget of 2008, the BlackBerry Storm is taking another shot at the title of “iPhone Killer” with its second generation version. And when I say worst, I mean that between 35% and 50% of all Storms were returned last year. But despair not, they say, all the things that were wrong with the Storm v.1 are going to be fixed in the Storm v.2, such as a screen that you just touch (like the iPhone) instead of a screen you have to actually depress (like the Storm v.1). It’s still unclear if it will have Wi-Fi, which many considered to be a glaring omission with the first Storm. I think it will still be one of the worst BlackBerries available. Real BlackBerries have keyboards.

Buying Advice, BlackBerry Storm 2: Not a fan. If you want a BlackBerry, get a Curve or Bold.

(Sound off in the comments if you are thinking of buying any of these, or if you have any questions, or if you prefer to just save your money instead.)