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Texting and Walking [Wow! It’s Wednesday!]

I wasn’t surprised to read this Gawker story about Philadelphia imposing citations for texting while walking. I was more surprise that it turned out not to be true. In either case, I used to be so guilty of this, and only recently (after reading or hearing — I can’t remember which — some report about a record number of people ending up in the ER because of texting while walking) did I start forcing myself to stop walking before I texted or emailed.

This is pretty significant for me, considering that I’m mainly a walker these days. But I’m also a person sharing the sidewalks with other people, and I don’t want to land myself or someone else in the hospital, because I’m too busy texting or returning an email to pay attention. What’s funny is that this new policy has actually been better for my communications, because now I don’t split my attention between walking and texting. I stop and give my full attention to the text or email that I’m sending, then I give my full attention to getting where I’m going. Win-win.

But how about you? Do you walk and text? And do you think that cities should start giving out citations for doing so? Sound off in the comments!

featured image credit: Scarabanza