The 32 CANDLES Paperback Cover [Philosophical Monday] May02

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The 32 CANDLES Paperback Cover [Philosophical Monday]

And you thought the 32 CANDLES hardcover was bright. You didn’t know nothing about no bright. This is the bright-bright right here.¬†One of my favorite categories of fan mail start off like this, “I had never heard of your book, but then I saw it from across the bookstore/library…” I call these types of messages, the “32 CANDLES waved at me” emails. Anywho, not only does this new paperback cover wave, but it also comes complete with a nice blurb from my hero, Terry McMillan, so yays all around! Oh, and look for the waving paperback in stores on June 28th.

Betty gave the new cover her full approval. Really her only criteria was that it be bright, so ....