The Best of Times/The Worst of Times: 2010 [FaN Remembrances]

Ernessa Says:

Least Favorite Moment(s) of the Year: I’m still trying to process our dog, Tulip’s unexpected death. Also, one of my heroes, my Aunt Almeda also passed.

As for my favorite moment of the year, I’ve been thinking hard about this, and while I enjoyed every single moment of the 32 CANDLES book tour, I’ll have to go with visiting France. My writing exchange partner, Gudrun lives there, so I decided to visit on the way back from a research trip to Scotland. I was way more excited about visiting Scotland, so falling in love with Paris was such a fantastic surprise. Everything you’ve heard about Paris in Spring — it’s completely true. The food was a revelation. The city was gorgeous. Having a three day conversation with Gudrun about writing theory, life, and other philosophical topics was amazing. Most of all, it was my favorite moment, because I’ll probably have other books come out. But will I ever discover a city with Gudrun as my guide again? It was the last plane ride that I took as an unpublished writer. One last shining moment before stepping through a portal of new anxieties and career ambition, and I think I’ll use it as a touchstone for the rest of my life. I’ll always remember the unexpected tears that sprang to my eyes when I waved goodbye to Gudrun with the realization that the next time we met in person, we’d both be much-changed from the unencumbered women we became, running around the city in search of mustard, escargot, good conversation, and the perfect macaron. And I’m afraid that I’ll never find the right words to truly do the experience justice. But you can see the pics HERE.

But let’s see what our other bloggesrs had to say about their best and worst moments in the year that was 2010.

Least favorite moment: getting my car towed in SEVERAL times

Favorite moment: starting our blog this year.

Alex and Emmy from Dating Ell-A

My favorite moment of the year was probably when I got hooded. Five long years, and I finally got that damned degree. My least favorite involved my first few weeks at work and was at least accompanied by some Johnny Walker Blue Label.

Amy Brown from Book Simple

This year was a hermiting year, so nothing too dramatic happened. My fav moment was when my big brother called to organize a family get together over Labor Day, about a year after Dad died. He’s a great guy, but not the type to plan this kind of thing. He and my sister surprised me with a ticket to fly in and we had a family road trip across Kansas. It turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had with my family.

Amy Robinson from Tall Drink of Nerd

Our dog Tulip dying was definitely the worst moment of the year. But it’s been a big year for me so I have lots of favorite moments. My daughter’s first birthday party comes to mind, also etc’s book party at the grove..

CH from Buy Me This

My least favorite is my Nissan Altima constantly having problems. I just got it out of the shop 5 days ago and it looks like it’s going back in again. I just can’t seem to win with my car this year. My favorite would be owning my house and continuing my happy life nesting.

Debra Goykhman from NewlyNested

Favorite: First Jets-Patriots Game. GO JETS!

Least Favorite: Second Jets-Patriots Game. Oh, Jets.

Also Least Favorite: That time Obama traded his testicles to the Republicans for magic beans. Oh, Hope, I think I’ll miss you most of all.

Eric Sims from California Seething

Worst moment … living abroad creates so many difficult moments in a woman’s life that I just can’t decide on the worst. Perhaps the middle of the night anxiety insomnia where I wonder what the hell made me decide to move to France.

Favorite moment … getting a job after being 95% jobless for over two years. A job doing what I want to do, working on an incredibly cool animated project, getting to know the network of people I hope to continue working with. It’s not a super long contract, but if all goes well it will open many doors for me and I enjoy being there.

Gudrun Cram-Drach from Secret Life of an Expat

My least favorite moment, hands down, was the day the NCAA sanctions came down on my beloved USC Trojans Football team, banning them from any Bowl Games for two years, and effectively ruining my Saturdays from September-December for two years.

I’ve had a lot of great moments this year, with a couple great road trips, backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and wonderful visits with old friends. I’ve come to find that it’s much better to spend money on experiences than it is to buy stuff. The memories of a great play, sporting event, or trip never get old, while time will dim the sheen on any new gadget (even the coveted iPad). Probably my favorite moment was running the Pittsburgh Steelers 5K this fall, a great little race that finished on the track of Heinz Field with an appearance on the jumbo tron for all finishing runners. Somehow when you run through a finish line and look up and see yourself several stories high, you can’t help but feel like a superhero.

Joe Rusin from On the Contrary

Favorite moment: Birth of my son. It actually happened at the end of 2009, but it feels like yesterday so I’m including it this year. Other favorite moments include his first smile, first step, first time crawling and first time peeing on the floor when his diaper was off. Non baby related favorite moments include getting a paycheck with a NY Times logo on it, the first dinner alone with my wife, and spending a week with my son, wife and mother in law in a beach front house in Cayucos. (If you go to Cayucos try the smoked fish tacos in town and try anything at Taco Temple in Morro Bay).

Least favorite moments involve watching my credit card bills rise and checking account fall as the cost of having a baby and NFL Sunday ticket take their toll. One of them will have to go.

Josh Pullin from Stay At Home Nerd

Least Favorite – A death in the family.

Favorite – My boyfriend made a painting for me for my birthday.

Kelli Bielema from Fierce in Seattle

blankety blank blank

Kelly Lett from Nerd In Transition

Hmmmm. Least favorite would have to be falling down a mountain in Jordan and spraining my ankle real bad.  Most favoritest was probably watching the sunset from the top of the mountain before falling down it.

Michael Kass from Single White Nerd

Those are a bit too personal.

Dr. Miro Guldesky from Ask Dr. Miro

Least favorite is friends and family members getting sick this year! I hope for speedy recovery for them.
Most favorite - family visits to Georgia – my mom and dad visited many times this year, but also, both my brothers and my sister-in-law got to visit this year! We had so much fun showing them around.

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle

To be perfectly honest my favorite and least favorite moment of the year were related. The moment when I unexpectedly find out that I was 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my daughter. I was shocked and scared to death…hence the least part. But September 28th – the day she was born – was hands down my favorite moment of 2010! I love you Zora Lynne and you were the best surprise I’ve ever received!

Monique King-Viehland from Political Physics

My least favorite moment of the year was realizing that in the aggregate, Americans don’t yet have real commitment to creating true and lasting equality.
My favorite moment of 2010 was standing on the Alaskan shore in awe of nature’s grandeur
R.B. Ripley from The Indie Chronicles

Favorite moment – quitting my job at the call center. Least favorite moment - every moment spent at the call center.

Roya Hamadani from Fierce Foodie

My favorite moments of the year were the parade of dinners, drinks, and road trips I experienced with my friends and family; the sum of those great times made me feel blessed to have such a strong circle of great relationships. And it was this same circle that helped me through the worst moment of the year, my father’s passing.

Ryan Dixon from The Ryan Dixon Line and FIERCE ANTICIPATION

My least favorite moment would have to be every single moment of this Prop 8 nonsense. How the majority can be allowed to vote on the basic rights of the minorities in regards to who they love, how they can show it, and all the legal rights that come along with that union of two people in marriage… is just beyond me. No, it will not lead to people marrying their dog, or car. We just want to be able to get the same 1400+ rights that are afforded to every other American under our law. Civil Unions do NOT carry all of these rights and in my eyes: Separate But Equal is an insult. These legal rights are there to protect people and their spouses when it comes to joint property rights, hospital visits, decision making at a time of death or severe sickness and custody of children. These laws also give Americans the right to marry if their loved one is from another country, and not wait for years upon years for immigration paperwork to go through, living at the mercy and discretion of the US court’s decision. There are also all sorts of tax breaks associated with marriage as well that we gays haven’t been allowed. Why shouldn’t families of all kinds be recognized legally? (*gets down off soap box)

My favorite moment would have to be getting surprised by my mom who flew down to visit for my birthday this past October. I had no idea and she got to join in on the party we were having: Zack’s 17th Anniversary of the Quinceanera He Always wanted!

Zack Bunker from Tall Glass of Shame