The Betty Experience: Dis Living Outside Da Womb Stuff Is Da Straight Bizness

Hey Guys!

Wanted to get one last blog in while Betty’s upstairs w/ CH getting her very first bath.

Man, the pushing bit of labor was hard. It took 90 minutes and considerable hoohah tearing to force CH’s big headed progeny out of what turned out to be my really narrow birth canal.

And as you can see below, Betty wasn’t happy about her eviction. She was only 6 lbs, 13 oz, but according to our doctor, her overly large head created a few problems.

Oh and did I mention that they stopped my happy epidural right before I was commanded to push?

“Oh, believe me, no one wants to push with an epidural,” my doctor told me.

Really? No one? B/c I’m somebody and I wanted my frickin epidural.

An hour and 15 minutes later I was telling CH and Shandi the nurse quite seriously that I could not possibly push anymore. In fact I was about to violate yet another term in our already decimated birth plan and ask them to vacuum her out when another contraction came on and then another and then another until the next thing I knew they were put this screaming kid on my chest and CH was crying.

“Oh Betty,” I said, just so surpised to meet her. “Hi, Betty, hi!”

Then she got quiet and started nuzzling her slimy head into my chest, and wouldn’t you know it? All that crap they’re always telling you about labor being worth it, is totally (if also sappily) true.

But the point is can you believe I’m somebody’s mother? First things first, I think I’m going to fashion Betty’s already wild head of hair into a fauxhawk as soon as we get home.

But other than that, thanks to everybody that commented on the blog and on Facebook about all these posts. I truly enjoyed hearing from you guys throughout all of this and it seriously made my first pregnancy.

So Much Love,

P.S. – CH and I are working on non iPhone pics as we speak. So look for those in a follow up blog on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Til then, here’s Betty at about 15 minutes old: