The Betty Experience: Still Sleeping on My Side

Grr! So I totally lost the blog that I wrote while I was waiting for the cervidil (sp?) to be administered. So annoyed, but here are the highlights:

1) Maybe In-N-Out wasn’t such a good idea. Hello indigestion.
2) My nurse’s name is Mariah, and she was late b/c she was tending to twins that delivered at 31 weeks.
3) I’ve got a heplock doohicky sticking out of my right wrist.
4) I decided to wear the earrings that pop, but they were totally uncomfortable when mixed w/ a hospital bed, so I took them out.

Now for the post cervidil observations:

1. Man that was uncomfortable. They basically give you the world’s worst cervical exam then they stick this gauze with cervidil on it up your lady part. It has a string attached. They compared it to getting a tampon inserted, but it was so not like that. Ow…
2. There’s a very slight chance that this might kick start the contractions and I won’t have to get pitocin at 6am in the morning. Fingers crossed.
3. I was still only 1cm dilated when they did my cervical exam. Basically Betty was never planning on coming out.
4. Mariah just rushed out to tend to a woman who walked in at 9cm dilated. WTF? I don’t know this woman, but I’m for dead sure that I don’t like her.
5. So far all I’m feeling on the cervidil is menstrual like cramping. Not too uncomfortable.
6. I thought last night would be the last time I was forced to sleep on my side, but they asked me to do so tonight in order to better keep the cervidil thingamagig in. Sigh.
7. As it turns out, it could take anywhere from 12-24 hrs to have this baby after the pitocin is administered. I thought it would take like 2. Double sigh.
8. Mariah suggested that I get some sleep b/c “tomorrow’s going to be a big day!”
9. Good news. I will be able to eat up to when the pitocin is administered. Yea!
10. So I’m going to lie here quietly and try to go to sleep now. Hopefully I’ll wake up with a nice soft cervix.

Til then check out my sexy heplock: