The Library of Congress and My Annual Illness [Tall Drink of Nerd] May16

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The Library of Congress and My Annual Illness [Tall Drink of Nerd]

I am suffering from a little something I like to refer to as Captain Tripps, but the rest of the world calls Walking Pneumonia. It sucks, I’ve been in bed for almost a month. I’m tired of everything in my apartment that could possibly entertain me; the TV is annoying, I’ve reached the last page of the internet, and the novels I’ve been reading since Easter have all jumbled together so that the Nazi’s of Heidegger’s Glasses were somehow ordering around southern maids in The Help. Sleep is illusive as well, every time I start to drift off into snoozeville, here comes a big, fat coughing fit that wakes me up, scares the cats and almost rouses my husband from his deep, enviable slumber.

Since I haven’t done anything for a month, I can’t be entertaining or as clever as usual, I thought I’d just show you the coolest thing on the internets for American music history buffs. (I’m not exactly a “buff”, so apparently this site is really cool for us casual American music history listeners too.) The Library of Congress created a jukebox of select recordings between 1900-1930. The songs are searchable by a variety of criteria. Let me just say there is a nice selection of yodeling. There are lots of fun and funny songs that you can play, create your own playlist or listen to their sampler. You can find it at

That is my bequest to you, should I not see the other side of this (cough) mild illness (hack).