The Life and Times of Evil E: The Adventures of Aliabbitt & Dippy Mar20

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The Life and Times of Evil E: The Adventures of Aliabbitt & Dippy


an occasional blogumn by Else Duff

…Or how a bowling alley massacre, and a complete inability to draw, killed my dream of becoming a cartoonist.

While I was in college I started doodling a cartoon (for my own amusement and to keep me awake in class) called Aliabbitt & Dippy. Aliabbitt was part alligator/part rabbit. Dippy was created for my dear friend Sandra. I had first met Sandra hanging upside down on the monkey bars in 5th grade, I started calling her Dippy in high school during a time when she was trying to grow out her bangs and was always wearing these dippy hair things. It was during a very heated and drunken game of quarters that I started calling her Dippy and somehow the name stuck. Not that Sandra was all that dippy – she was a bio/chem major in college.

Anyway I recently found some of these cartoons. The first one I drew because Sandra had a pet iguana, which she adored, and one day her crazy dog Patty ate her iguana. In all the years I knew Sandra and in all the years she had that dog I never once saw it, whenever I came over they put the dog in another room because she was so vicious. Perhaps that was my inspiration for Aliabbitt (I drew these cartoons in the early ’90s so I don’t really remember what inspired me.) [Click on pics to enlarge]

The first found adventure of Aliabbitt & Dippy: Photobucket

For some reason I decided to illustrate* burning in hell meant you were burning inside a McDonalds. I’m not positive but I think the creature outside by the slide is a demonic Ronald McDonald. (*Please note I use the word “illustrate” lightly – I have no doubt my drawings suck ass.)

After the jump, Part 1 of Dippy blows her head off in chemistry class:


Part 2 (and the conclusion) of Dippy blows her head off in chemistry class: Photobucket

In one adventure of Aliabbitt & Dippy, Aliabbitt is watching TV and if you look closely you can see he is watching a movie where some guy cuts of a girl’s head and goes bowling with it.

Although maybe you can’t tell this is what is going on (please refer back to my note re: illustration.) However that is what I was trying to draw. Not long after I drew that there was an incident at the bowling alley in my town where 2 guys went in, lined up the employees execution style, shot them, set the bowling alley on fire and left. This happened in Las Cruces, NM, which is less than an hour from the Mexico border, the police assumed the killers fled to the border and disappeared, wherever they went the killers were never found. I had planned a whole Aliabbitt & Dippy series involving a killer decapitating people and bowling with their heads.

After the bowling alley massacre I stopped drawing Aliabbitt & Dippy. The very last Aliabbitt & Dippy I drew: Photobucket

Thanks for reading the Adventures of Aliabbitt & Dippy!